7 Tips for Launch & Burn Coaches


Something I’m seeing in the coaching world that’s hurting people:

Kick butt coaches/consultants who change their niche every 6 months. They do a big launch for one kind of service/program then get burnt out. Then switch directions and maybe drop their current audience. Maybe disappear from the online world for a while. Maybe burn down their current business structure and start something totally new. Loved what they were doing? Too bad *poof* it’s gone forever!

Oooof it’s exhausting just watching! Nevermind, the clients who get left behind after investing in someone they were really excited about. It’s one & done. It’s a little, well, “millenial” to be honest…

Some things to consider if you want to coach & do launches and you are multi-passionate:

  1. Create a business that can include expansion. Maybe that means adjusting your biz name or title, maybe that means setting up your core offers to run as passive income while you explore, create & launch new things. Maybe that means you need 2 websites.

  2. Consider your patterns. Why do you love this launch & burn cycle? What about it is temporarily filling a void within you? What pieces are connected to your money story? What pieces are connected to your fears, insecurities?

  3. Are you really listening CONSISTENTLY to your higher self & inner guidance? Because she does noooot love you burning out. Ain’t about that life. So how can you keep tuning in, keep yourself in biz, and acknowledge your triggers for overexertion?

  4. Fear of commitment. Straight up.

  5. You’re not creating a business or brand in alignment with your truest self. Because you should never get burned out on being you. If it’s taking too much energy to consistently show up, something is off. And if you’re not playing the right role in your biz, ask yourself what that is and what kind of support do you actually need to sustain yourself?

  6. If you’re providing any kind of coaching or healing services I believe you should take your clients’ process into consideration before you run in another direction. Not that they should hold you back, but have you even thought of how to help them transition to work with someone else or give them support as you change things? These are people who’ve invested in you after all, respect them.

  7. If you’re feeling unfulfilled it’s probably because you’re not experiencing the sweetness of longevity in your work. You’re not allowing yourself to have that- to create, and tweak, get feedback, and adjust and expand within the container of work you created. Dating is fun, relationships are better. Allow yourself to sit through the ups & downs of what you’re creating, and experience the joy of seeing it through. Of running your offer again & again and seeing it grow. Seeing your clients come back. Seeing yourself challenged to master something. That’s fulfilling. Creating is easy, sustaining and expanding is the true work.

If you’ve been on this rollercoaster of launching and burning I invite you to step off. To come down from the adrenaline rush, and take a long walk with yourself.

There’s beauty in the calmness. There’s comfort in commitment. There’s legacy in longevity.

And consider who is supporting and coaching you through all this? Are they also on the rollercoaster? Are they saying “Yes! Do it all! Launch, launch, launch! Follow your new idea!” or are they calling you out on the deeper reasons you’re jumping around and burning out? I’m sure all your ideas are great. In fact, there’s time for all of them, but not like this. This is chaos. This is not creating a cohesive brand. This is not allowing you fulfillment and true success. You don’t need just a cheerleader, you need a truth talker. And you can come see me for that.