What I'm Releasing from 2018 Hard & Fast


What is no longer serving me is no longer serving other women on a grander scale. So I invite you to join me in releasing these things, hard & fast. There’s no space for this in my world any more. What are you ready to leave behind in 2018?

  1. Women in positions of leadership or power who claim to be about the raising up of other women, but are not really there to do so. Narcissists showing up for themselves with a facade of feminism, community and spirituality. I’m not about it, I will not support you or your businesses in order to fit in, in order to appear I’m in your sisterhood of falsity, in order to play by your rules. You are trampling over women in the name of six figures. In the name of recognition. In the name of proving your worth. You’re hurting people and we deserve better. Check yourself, and let’s stop putting these women on pedestals out of fear of backlash.

  2. Ignoring racism in the spiritual and entrepreneurial worlds. It’s there, it exists, I am white and I cannot change that but I can do better in externally showing my effort to support women of color. This has been a big underlying theme that’s come up for me in the last year. I see more women bringing these tough but necessary discussions to the table and it’s made me uncomfortable and intrigued and I’ve started taking a deeper look at who I engage with, who I collaborate with, who I learn from, who I support, who I work with and how to leverage my privilege for good in this world, while not letting it hold me back with fear of accepting opportunities or shining my brightest. Supporting and shining light on women of color does not take away from my soul’s mission, my work, my income, and it does not take away from any other white person’s. I don’t believe spirituality belongs to any one race or culture, I believe the sharing of rituals & traditions is a good thing, but there is so much that’s been stolen or appropriated or gone uncredited and it’s overwhelming to consider it all, but I want to be more conscious of where my practices are coming from and what I’m sharing and it’s origins. I’m not going to do it perfectly, but I will try to do better. I’m proud to have participated in some great events in 2018 that truly showcased diversity and support of women (Shout out RebelleCon & Self Employment in the Arts Conference), and I am proud that my clients do not all look like me or come from the same background. But that should be the norm, not a badge of honor. I encourage you to consider real diversity when it comes to organizing or attending events this year, and as you market your business. There’s much work to do here.

  3. Pretending that me being me, and you being you, isn’t worth thousands of dollars. Ok real talk- when I first started coaching {which btw I didn’t set out to do and struggled with that title!} I made a statement that, “I will never be one of those coaches that charges thousands for their programs.” And so I wasn’t…and I also didn’t make much money because even though I was ALL about teaching other people to charge their worth and price smartly and create a profitable business, I had put this enormous block around my own income. My subconscious was saying you’re not good enough, you’re not experienced enough, those other coaches do a whole lot of stuff you don’t do, they’re stealing from people, they’re charging high prices just so they can wear Louboutins to the beach… But what I’ve learned is that being ME, using my inherent skills and my intuition and my experiences of almost a decade in business, and thinking about my clients’ businesses, and researching things for them, and showing up present on calls and tapping into their energy and putting my energy into creating programs that will support them in finding their voice and building their dream- HELL YEAH THAT IS WORTH THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. And truthfully, I’ve had more people complain or ask for a discount on a $20 experience than on any of my $500+ offers. If people aren’t buying talk to different people- because you ARE worth it and lowering your prices or your standards is hurting everyone. And my wealth goals are not about buying labels, they’re about ensuring me and my family have a happy fruitful life and that I’m helping other creative, big hearted, talented women also learn to do what they love and live & work in a way that brings them joy and comfort. Tiny home, mansion, gowns or paint stained jeans- your version of success & wealth is valid and worthy of pursuing.

  4. Enough with the kicking people’s butts into charging more or hustling more or acting like a 10k blueprint is going to solve all the issues. What I’m showing up with for my clients is straight up LOVE, not tough love, just love. Because behind all the doubts, and self conscious choices, and hesitation, and lack of visibility, and fear of connecting, fear of failure, fear of money, fear of success, trauma and hurt- is a lack of love. Love for oneself, love from others, connecting with the love from the Universe… most people are lacking in love of some form. Not blueprints, not 5k months, not ideas or strategies, they just need to experience a deep sense of love from the inside out and from those around them. So that’s what I’m showing up for. {And see point 3, we’ll connect it to the money!} But it’s not surface, or superficial, it’s not easy, it’s deep, it’s intense and it’s important.

All this has been rumbling beneath the surface and during a new moon release yesterday came to the forefront and had to be said. Saying all this feels out of my comfort zone, yet completely in my truth zone. And as I move through this year and share more experiences of truth telling outside the comfort zone, I will keep this quote in mind that I put on my vision board.

“I am not afraid, I was born to do this.” - Joan of Arc