A Year of Receiving


I recently had some breakthroughs in my business. I decided to put my membership group on pause, focus seriously on 1-1 coaching, and relaunch my online course to run as a community program rather than passive income product. I had my best month of income from coaching in the last 2.5 years. It felt amazing, and I also had the question of "Why couldn't this have happened sooner?!" pop up. I know everything happens when it should and everything I've been through led me to this experience, but I wanted to look back and see what I'd done differently to allow this to occur. 

I'm an avid journal-er and it's so helpful (especially for those of us with poor memory) to have documentation of life & biz experiences over the last few years. And as I'm looking back the theme I notice is active awareness of receiving and my ability to call in, accept and celebrate what I want. I was continuously exploring and examining how I could receive (or why I wasn't), and although it was a mixed bag, 2017 and the beginning of 2018 were a whole lot of receiving of great opportunities, receiving signs, intuitive hits, and beautiful connections- but not much money. And it was honestly frustrating as hell. 

I can see now that it was a long practice in getting ready, in getting into alignment, in releasing old patterns, in gaining confidence, in overcoming fears, and step by step moving myself, my heart, and my head to finally connect the dots to put forth services that spoke to the right people, at the right price, at the right moment for me to stand up and serve at my highest level. 

I think I had been in denial that I was afraid to work with people long term one-on-one. I knew when I talked with people they had great experiences and were very grateful for my insights and guidance. I felt I was great at overcoming fears because I spoke in front of rooms full of people and tried lots of different things in my business. Yet, I was still afraid of not truly being able to help or provide transformation in my coaching. I also had stifled my own ability to receive fully by previously claiming I would never be a coach that charged thousands of dollars. That false income cap kept me stuck and limited because I wanted more money yet couldn't create a way to receive it in a format that actually spoke to my energy and my true needs. When I decided my VIP client work would be over $1000/month I felt ELATED and free. It took 2 more months after raising my price for the first client to come in. Another month for the second. Easiest sales I've ever made. (And, absolutely ideal clients who I adore!!) I created a second option for 1-1 work under a thousand dollars that also excited me and I brought in new clients within a few weeks for that too. I decided that while passive income is a great idea, it sparked no joy in me and made me feel I wasn't giving the very best to clients, so my online course went back to it's original format of a 5 week group program. I was creating based on what felt not just "good" but massively energizing and motivating for me, and finally the fear was outweighed by the excitement. Finally I felt settled in my service. I am doing the work I'm meant to, in the way I'm meant to, making money that feels truly reflective of my goals as well as my bigger purpose of impact. 

And while it was a lot of inner work, mindset work, and energy awareness, it was also allowing myself to change my approach to receiving ideas and putting offers out into the world. With the help of my current coach and guidance on my Human Design, I was finally able to give my ideas time to fully form, expand, be shared and create impact within my communities. And therefore, I wasn't praised for simply acting on inspiration (as had previously occurred from coaches/mentors), and I was actually able to receive new connections, new clients and money, by following through and working off longer timelines. The action was aligned, but still challenging, and yet the receiving was very easy. I no longer feel drawn to the hustle. I rest and still receive.

I know success is not a single end point, and that my path has many more curves and bumps and expansion to endure, but I'm grateful for all that led me here. I'm so honored to be working with people I admire, and still excited and optimistic of the unknown greatness that's to come. My belief that it will all work out is intact and I am committed to keep noticing the evidence of all I am receiving.