Lessons from a 9 year relationship

Last week was my 9 year anniversary with my love. Here's what I've learned from a long term relationship as it relates to business- haha of course! 😝

1. Passion will get you started, daily commitment and rituals of re-commitment will move you through the years.

2. You will continue to evolve, not always at the same pace as others, your path is your own, stay open & be surprised by the gifts that come from change.

3. Support is sexy. But also, necessary, this is not a solo adventure. (Even if you're a solopreneur.)

4. Expressing yourself fully and honestly is a journey, ups and downs, but keep trying because you need to be heard.

5. More money does not equal more knowledge.

6. Save the drama for your llama. Keep your standards high, mindset positive, and toxic people out of your life.

7. Share your heart with those who will appreciate the gift that it is.

8. Everyone is weird, has baggage, has quirks, has doubts, fears, set backs, challenges, skills, and generally has little idea of how to "adult" in any given situation.

9. Don't forget to have fun, soak up all the good moments, be grateful for what you've got, and above all else ENJOY!!

(Bonus #10 from my guy: Sharing is caring.😊)