How Wedding Planning is Just Like Running a Business


I’ve found the lessons of wedding planning and running my own business are remarkably similar, and unfortunately for both brides/grooms and entrepreneurs it’s not until you’re in the thick of it you really understand the importance of these lessons. So I’ll repeat them now in hopes someone will take it to heart and maybe find more ease in each (ad)venture.

  1. You don’t have to obey tradition, do what speaks to you and your life. In this day and age both weddings and businesses can happen in a variety of ways, in different fashions, and while there are some traditional elements that make sense and are widely practiced for a reason, you have a lot of choice in how you do business/plan a wedding. Explore your options and choose what feels right to you. Customization is key for both fulfillment and success.

  2. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone. And probably 90% of what other people think won’t align with what you really want. And in both business and wedding planning it’s a great practice to listen, consider, respond politely and continue doing whatever the heck you know is right for YOU.

  3. This will impact you and your family for years to come. Obviously a wedding impacts multiple families, but so does starting and running a business. And in both cases you’ll deal with some sticky things- like money, religion, values, power statuses, interpersonal relationships and practicing compassion. So even if you’re sure your partner or business is “the one” it can still feel risky or scary taking the leap.

  4. You’re going to discover new things about yourself. Running your own business forces you, almost constantly, to uncover layers of yourself and question how and why you do things certain ways. (At least it does if you’re a conscious creator and open to learning about yourself.) And this is a good thing, it helps you to expand and become more interesting as you learn more about your inner world and the position you want to hold as a professional. And in wedding planning you have to face certain questions you’ve never asked before about what’s important to you and the kind of partner and in-law you want to be. Allow this to be an opportunity of growth. (That applies for every situation in business FYI!)

  5. Accept help and support. It’s really a lovely thing when you realize how many people around you want to help and are ready to support you. As a lifelong “I can do it myself” kind of person, the most impactful moment in my business life was when I started continuously asking for help and actually receiving support in ways I had never experienced. And even though most people would hope their friends and family would be eager to support during the wedding planning process, it still feels really nice to hear people ask what they can do, offer to show up for multiple events, and contribute however they can so your life is easier. Accept the help, don’t be a crazy person, it’s a lot of work!!

  6. Find the joy. This is what I come back to whenever things start to feel less than great. As a business owner, wearing multiple hats, things can get overwhelming and stressful and it’s not always fun. Find the joy, reconnect with your purpose and personal mission and remember it’s not meant to be a struggle. A wedding should be focused on love, if it’s gotten off course and become more about the “stuff” or certain people’s needs than the love, bring it back and find the joy.