Now I cannot fit in.

I worked so hard to build a mainstream life. A normal life. A don’t see “my weird” life. Only to realize- I’m forging my own stream. A wild life. A weird in the open life.

I started long ago but I didn’t realize it, or as I did I got nervous, embarrassed, quiet, content.

I can “just fit in”. // I cannot.

I am “just like the others”. // I am not.

I will “just be happy getting by”. // I will not.

Everything I was called to, everything I hid, everything I wanted to share, everything I’ve ever done- has come to a messy, beautiful, expansive peak.

An arrow to the future.

Now I don’t fit in.

Now I am not like the others.

Now I am only happy going above & beyond.

Now my choreographer dreams collide with divine downloads of movement.

Now my poetry comes out as declarations of self love & inspiration for my soulmate clients.

Now my travels become my work trips.

I am EXPANDING. Are you?