Don't Let "Scared" Hide Your Epic Gift

I just watched this video of an unknown (at the time, 2013) singer, AND HOLY- FRICKIN VOCAL CORDS OF A GODDESS- MOLY!

I highly, highly recommend watching the whole video but if you want a summary- this beautiful soul tells the panel of talent judges she's come alone to perform incase she doesn't do well, and then won't have to let anybody down. And then she sings the most EPIC beautiful version of a song. Simon Cowell says her voice is "liquid gold" and we know he is the king of criticism. 

Mind blown. So how is it that she thought she might not absolutely kill it? I'm guessing along her journey someone told her eh, singing isn't a real career choice for you so don't pursue that. Maybe she's always been shy. Maybe no one took a moment to say YOU. ARE. AMAZING! 

We all have a unique voice, something worth sharing with the world. Even if you've been told your gift is not "a real job" or "too weird" or "no one will support you"- there is a whole world out there that begs to differ with those haters. DO NOT KEEP YOUR EPICNESS LOCKED UP!! Don't let the fear hold you back from unleashing what is yours to enjoy and share. I guarantee there will be people that support, love, and pay for your individual talents. Even if you start out alone, how quickly your tribe and fans can follow!

Be bold my friends. Sing your YOUR song. Paint YOUR painting. Cook YOUR dish. Dance YOUR routine. We'll be waiting.

Peace, love, & pixels,

Sonya & The rest of the world