Stop Trying, Start Working!

How & Why to Replace the Word Try

Do you ever hear (again and again) that you should eliminate the word try from your vocabulary? Trying to finish a project, trying to get a job, trying to make great art. Ever wonder what you're supposed to do instead of just continuously screeching,

"But I'm tryingggg!" 

Well I got an idea for ya. While I've been out networking, talking to strangers, proposing ideas and speaking about what it is I do

(freelanceandfineartphotographerandfounderofcareerresourcesplatformforemergingvisualartists - YEAH.) 

I realized that it doesn't sound super professional or confident to keep saying I'm "trying" to do all these things. Saying I'm trying doesn't relay how much effort and heart and hours I'm putting in, or all the connections I've made, or the progress that has been happening slowly but surely over many months. I'm happy to put in the sweat & tears, and somehow the word trying just sounds a little...whiny. I may not have checked off all my goals, or gotten the kind of recognition I'm hoping for yet, but it's definitely on the to-do list. 

So what are you left with to say when things are coming together, still in motion and maybe not quite where you want them to be?

I'm WORKING on finding a job I love.

I'm WORKING on my business plan.

I'm WORKING on being an epic boss lady, cardio-doing, recycling, creative QUEEN! (You too?!)

Working implies you are taking actions, moving forward, putting in time and strategically making your way.  I had a mini revelation when I realized that by describing not only what I do but what I'm working towards, I feel validated and professional in my efforts. It gives others the vibe that I'm confident, motivated, and dedicated to my goals. By using the word trying I felt limited, like I was saying I didn't have much direction or traction. And sometimes I don't know what the next step should be, but I'm working on figuring it out!

So. What are YOU working on? State it, validate it, and WORK IT!