Fear of the Follow Up

Alright, we need to talk. This is one of the most common mistakes I see people make. And not just artists, but it may impact us the most. So what is it?

The follow up!

We've all been in the situation where we've gone to a networking event and collected a bunch of cards, or a friend tells us about a job opportunity, or an ideal client compliments your Instagram post. And you know you should send an email, submit a resume, or give a response. But then those little "What If" gremlins creep in and you hesitate. You think you'll do it later, or that the other person was just being polite and doesn't really want to work with you. What if the opportunity is TOO good for you right now? Or you're not really ready to have your own art show because it's a lot of work and you're already busy. 

STOP THE MADNESS. Break it down. Following up with an opportunity or a potential connection is just a continuation, reminder or beginning of a conversation. Seriously, stop freaking out. It doesn't mean anything will happen.


What if you send a charming little email and the person on the other end reads it and realizes you're the perfect person to do __. Or that they lost your card and forgot your name and are now thrilled you've reached out because they have a client for you. Don't assume people will remember you, but do assume they'll appreciate you reminding them because you're an awesome person to know. And oh yeah they want to buy your biggest painting. ;)

Great follow up example: Dear __, It was so great to meet you at the __ yesterday! I really enjoyed talking to you about _. I'm interested in working on __ kinds of projects with __ kinds of people/companies. I'd love to set up a time to talk further and learn more about you. (Or keep each other in mind for future opportunities.) Here's where you can find me(insert website/portfolio/linkedin). Great connecting with you!  Sincerely, __.

Feel free to use as you need! 

Also, my dear texting only millenials, if someone asks you to *GASP* call them...do that!! I get it, I am no fan of phone calls even with people I know. You should hear me leave voicemails, it's seriously an on-going work in progress. But it's an important skill to practice and I guarantee will benefit you in the work world. (Side note: when people don't end up paying you as promised best believe you will be jumping on the phone!!) 

I can tell you from personal real world experience that I've not only received compliments on my follow up etiquette, but have gotten multiple clients(sometimes months later!) by sending a simple email or giving someone a call.

So stop fearing the follow up and start connecting! 

Peace, love & pixels,