The #Hustle is Real, the #Struggle is Not.

Hey friends. This idea right here- the hustle is real, the struggle is not- finally got through my head this year. I know it's a popular phrase (#thestruggleisreal) and you might be like uh yeah it is real, Sonya! Let's just look at it in relation to our creative work though, because we all know the struggle to not eat pizza every day is real. (Where my pizza lovers at?!) 

But here's the thing. Hustle is NOT the same as STRUGGLE. Oh...ok that makes sense because entrepreneurs and artists who are really hustling are busy doing AND making money, and people who are busy and NOT making money are just struggling. 

So how do you know if you're hustling in a positive, forward direction? You will be busy, you might even be a bit overwhelmed with your to-do list. But! You're working with people you want to work with, you're doing projects that get your brain and heart pumping, and you're working in areas that, while possibly challenging, are in your area of genius where you can SHINE. Are you tired, even stressed? Sure, it happens. But you're grateful for the work and so happy to be exhausted doing what you've chosen. 

4 Ways to Ensure You're Hustling Not Struggling:

  • Define your financial goals- monthly & yearly so you know exactly what you're working for and know how to price yourself accordingly. Nothing worse than being busy, exhausted and broke.
  • Are you doing work you're proud of and can stand behind? (I have definitely taken on photo projects I didn't really care about or believe in just to get the $ and it usually was not worth it!) Don't be scared to reach for, ask for and wait for the RIGHT projects. (But don't make the mistake of ONLY waiting!)
  • Are you doing self improvement along the way? If you're crazy busy but you're ignoring your health & spirit then you're not creating positive, sustainable momentum. (Even just a few times a day to say am I breathing? Drinking water? And take a stretch!)
  • Are you thinking about the big picture and strategically making everyday decisions based on moving toward that? It's SO easy to get bogged down in the tasks of our normal lives and get caught just winging it day-to-day. But you should have a big, dreamy vision that you're always keeping in mind even when taking small steps. 

So, tell me creative ones are you hustling or struggling? 

Peace, love & pixels,