The Story of How I Went from No Clue of How to Use my Photography for a Career to Running a Successful Art Business!

In 2011 I graduated with a BA in Art, and was ecstatic to get a part-time job in a university art gallery in Boston. I had dreams of becoming a fine art photographer, but had absolutely no idea how to go about that or where to look for help to figure it out. My school had not been able to give me any local contacts in the art industry (really?!) and I was left to piece a career together, all while feeling like I didn't have the skills it took to get a "real job".

Out of a deep knowing, and true Aries' stubbornness, starting my own business was my only path.

But without any real guidance I spent directionless hours scouring the internet to figure out what I needed to run a photography business. (Surprise, surprise it took more than a working camera!) I learned I had to network, a seriously tough experience as an introverted 22 year old going into a room full of older suited "business" people...But I practiced discussing my work and learned to talk to people I thought would never hire me. And I kept hustling, I got clients and tried my hand at different kinds of projects. 

I grew and learned, and learned some more, and all the while was extremely ashamed and stressed out by my lack of income, and felt like a fake acting like this art biz was as "cool" as everyone thought. 

After an epically bad client experience, I broke down. I couldn't do this on my own- I was really struggling. And I didn't want to be a struggling artist anymore! 

So I went looking for help. I looked for mentors, teachers, guides. What and who I found changed my life and sent me down a whole new path of entrepreneurship. 

I focused on being a business owner not just a photographer. I raised my prices, and raised them again. I went after clients who were NICE- and paid my prices. I got found then hired for a dream job shooting architecture and food. My network expanded. My mindset about myself and my work changed and had ripple effects throughout my life. 

I've now done photography for MIT, JP Morgan, Iron Mountain, Taj Hotels, Langham Hotels, Harvard University, countless local businesses and individuals, and my work has been shown in an international art fair in NYC, published on,, Boston Common Magazine, WestJet Magazine, Zagat and more. 

Then, in 2015 I was called to start a second business- one to help creatives navigate the "real world" of business and careers. 

And it's been my mission ever since to teach what I've learned, guide artists & creative entrepreneurs to find their own style of doing business, and work their mindset to boost their self esteem and their income.

I am so thrilled to be coaching amazing people, speaking around the country, collaborating with talented folks around the world and helping thoughtful business owners become more empowered!

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