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Pull up a pillow and let’s get cozy. Business, life, entrepreneurship, spirituality- we’re going to dig into it all!

I’m Sonya, your intuitive biz, mindset & life coach and I’m ready to help you bring more joy, impact & wealth into your life & business. If you’re a creative, spiritually inclined womxn entrepreneur then you’re invited to check out these life changing offers and enter into my cozy, kick butt, coaching world!

Check out our retreats Expansive Experiences!


Illuminate: 6 weeks of 1:1 coaching to clarify your goals and offers, and work through mindset blocks you’re ready to release so you can step into your next level of confidence, intuition and income flow.

Create Your Success - 1:1 four month program for visionary womxn ready to commit to their biggest dream, experience powerful mindset shifts, and make an impact doing what they love. Cozy, kick-ass and intuition driven coaching. This is high level support for those already running a business who need intentional, dedicated time to work ON themselves and their business in order to find success on their terms.  

Wholistic Wealth- Reach out to learn more & apply!

8 months of 1:1 coaching for mind, body, biz transformation and up-leveling your JOY WEALTH IMPACT.


Wealth: DIVINE - Doors closed

{8 Week virtual group program} Money, Mindset, and Meditation- live calls every week to learn how to end financial self sabotage, up your energetic capacity for wealth and become more confident & comfortable with your next level wealthy self!

The Expansive Woman’s Toolkit - A power packed content collection to get your creative biz up & running and your money & mindset ripe for success!


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