Creative Confession

Dear Creatives, 

      This is my confession. I fell in love with photography in an old dark room in my high school. I wasn't very good at first, lots of film went to waste. I wasn't sure I would ever be "that" good at it. I mostly took walks around my neighborhood and shot patterns in nature, occasionally trying to incorporate a friend into awkward portraits. Soon it was time to apply to college, to pick a school, a major, a future. Well, photography I decided was what I'd pursue. What would I do with it? No idea. I didn't feel like I could commit to an art-only college; I wasn't "artsy" enough, creative enough, messy enough, or honestly really sure that I wouldn't need a back up field of choice.

And even after graduating with my bachelor's in art(major in photography with a minor in art management) working in photo production, art galleries and archives, freelancing and making a living from my photography... I sometimes still feel like I'm not "artsy" enough. Somedays my work is put to shame (in my mind) by iPhone photos on instagram. It can be a real bitch being a creative these days. But then I remember that my creative is just as meaningful as anyone else's. I love doing photography because I think in photographs and making images gives ME joy. And I get to share those little moments of happiness with clients, friends, and even some strangers on the internet. (I mean I'm not giving up my frenemy instagram.) So no I don't have jeans covered in paint, I like making to-do lists like it's my job, and I probably haven't spent my weekend in museums. But I create, and it's worthwhile, and it will continue to be for as long as I see it that way. 

So if you're not sure where your art will take you, or you're struggling to find your niche, stop looking outward. You decide what your best creative life looks like, and you have the power to shape it to suite your wildest desires. Even if that includes having a beige couch. Even if you can't remember what Monet painted. Even if your creative life looks nothing like the ones you see on the internet. And if you need a boost of inspiration, resources and tools make sure to sign up for the newsletter! Once you do you get your free guide to my Top 25 Websites for Creatives!

“To live a creative life, we must loose the fear of being wrong.” – Joseph Chilton Pearce

So go forth my creatives, there is no "wrong" in art!

Peace, love & pixels,