Hello creative world!

Hello lovely creatives, welcome home. 

So glad you're here, this is going to be your new favorite internet place! A little intro as this is the first RWC blog post- I'm Sonya your Chief Creative here. I'm working hard to bring you as much helpful and inspiring information so you are prepared, confident, and killin' it in your creative career. Here you will find interviews with commercial and fine art artists from across the US, updates on happenings of RWC, webinar invites, amazing resources and tips for enhancing your art/biz/creative lifestyle. We're going to get into the nitty gritty and break down the how-to's to every step of achieving your artist dreams. It's going to be awesome! 

As RWC is just a baby, I'll be figuring out the best layouts, schedules, and approaches to getting you the good stuff in the most effective way over the new few months. Please reach out and give me lots of feedback, suggestions, and requests so this can really be the most amazing possible resource for YOU! 

So looking forward to providing you with crazy valuable content and getting to know you all! Peace,love & pixels - Sonya