2015 Gift Guide for Creatives

Hey creatives! Whether you're in the midst of Hannukah, gearing up for Christmas, office white elephant parties, or just thinking ahead for birthday gifts... here's a list for you!(Or rather your loved ones who generously gift you things you actually want!) What are your favorite creative gifts to give or receive? List them in the comments! 

1. For the instagram anywhere artist

2. To learn something new try a creative class.

3. To make sure you've got a built in craft project for each month try this starry calendar

4. For the phone photographer to get those crazy close ups! P.s. I want all the gifts on Photojojo!

5. For an instant whiff of inspiration hehehe.(Unicorn fans this is for you!)

6. To de-stress after holiday or finals madness, keep calm and color on

7. To keep track of your adventures and all they inspire.

8. From a pop culture phenom's perspective on creativity from my boy(I wish) Pharrell.

9. A DIY book from artists and designers all over the globe for you to enjoy at home.

10. And finally something for those ready to master their magic digital art skills

Hope your holidays are full of fun, love and non-itchy sweater parties. 

Peace, love & pixels,


The Timeline of Success

Hi my friends :) I was just doing some yoga to end my night- but got a kick of inspiration and so I'm back at the computer! Almost got away with unplugging, sigh. 

I want to talk about the timeline of success. There's a feeling, especially when you're starting out, that "success" is this magic finish line that you'll someday run through and everything will be capital G-R-E-A-T! The truth is, success is not an end point. There's no "I made it!" medal, no alternate reality where problems all vanish. Your vision of success will vary from other people's, but if it doesn't include on-going learning, improvement, and new goals then you're going to miss out. You'll miss out on finding your complete happiness and highest potential.  

Picturing "success" as an infinite road, and those never ending goals in mind, the question of "But when do I get to stop and celebrate?" may come up. This is up to you, this is your chance to REALLY enjoy the journey! Don't forget that every step is a lesson. And do remember to appreciate and acknowledge the big and small goals you hit along the way. If your whole life becomes the journey, without one final "success" point, suddenly there is a WHOLE lot of room to enjoy yourself. So don't rush, there is only more time to come, bringing more lessons and adventures. 

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Wishing you never ending success,