First Ever Super Awesome Virtual Summit!

I'M SO FREAKIN EXCITED!! This Friday-Nov.20th- I'm hosting our first RWC virtual summit- The Creative Success Summit for Emerging Visual Artists!!! You can sign up here!

I'm pumped not only because I have connected with and will be interviewing two truly accomplished, talented, and super nice art professionals- but because I get to engage with YOU- emerging artists who are looking for some guidance, inspiration, motivation, and reassurance that an awesome art career is waiting for you. (Check out the speakers here and here.)

I picked up a beautiful print recently that said, "It is real. It is possible. It is yours." And heck yeahhhh that is so true and relevant to what we're doing here. 

I started Real World Creatives because I felt there was a void in educating young artists on how to use their creative skills and talents to make a living in the real world. That includes fine art and commercial art and craft art and decorative arts. Everyone has a place, and it's about time we connected and supported emerging artists with a comprehensive set of tools, advice and inspiration for creating a sustainable living from art. 

It's hard to explain how much I love working on this business and being a source of real help and connection for artists. I hope you'll join me at the summit and continue engaging with RWC as you follow your creative path! If there is anything I can provide for you (sorry can't buy everyone puppies) please let me know at any time! 

Peace, love, and pixels,