I won't tell you what to do


I’m not a go big or go home type of person. I’m an everyday show up do something that will move you towards your dream type of person. I won’t tell you to spend your last penny on a coaching package, unless you’re in complete alignment with that choice. I think for most of us it’s not about one big epic decision, but rather an ongoing commitment to the daily chugging along on the way to where we want to be. I won’t say you have to give 150% of your energy all the time, but rather listen to your energy, and when it says to push you push, and when it says relax, go inward, you do that too. I won’t tell you to do anything, but I will ask you to rise up to the potential you have, and I will help guide you to finding ways to make small shifts every day towards who you want to be, what kind of business owner you want to be, what kind of career you want, what kind of lifestyle you want, what kind of legacy you want to leave. I won’t tell you just what I think, but what I feel, and what I hear and see for you when I tap into my intuition and your energy. I will offer you insights, I will offer advice. I will offer you the space to listen to yourself and make the choices that are best for you. I will show up for my calling and I will ask that you do the same.