Are Distractions Taking Over Your Life?

Focus, focus...Ok why am I lying on the ground again?!

Focus, focus...Ok why am I lying on the ground again?!

Right now I am writing this blog even though I decided I was going to do yoga and meditate. Why? Because 1. I haven't written a post in months (better start again RIGHT NOW!) and 2. Distractions are easier to focus on than the stuff we have to do and even the stuff we actually say are our priorities. It's not necessarily more fun/fulfilling but it is EASIER, most likely because it's right in front of us (hello phone!) or it's been brought to us by someone else, therefore we don't really need to do anything or take action. (For instance my laptop was next to me and my yoga mat is at least 4 ft. away, hence why I'm here not there.) 

If you made a list of the top 5 things in your life you'd like to focus on and do every day or every week, it would look really simple. Nice and easy, just 5 things that are truly important and meaningful to you. Ahhh, what a beautiful life that would be!

Then cue the distractions. Unfortunately, we are so bombarded these days with not only the stuff we have to do, but all the stuff everyone else is doing. And we just want to eat up all those Instagram posts and click all the article links on Facebook! Honestly, if you think about how much of your day is spent on distractions or things that aren't on your Top 5 Important Stuff list, or even necessary to you getting through and having a good day, it's nuts! At least it is for me, but I'm going to hope you're in the same boat so I don't feel bad about it. 

And the thing is- I get a lot done. Like every day I cross lots of stuff off my to-do list. I can tell you 20 things I accomplished this week. But if I really thought about it I can list way more that I did/listened it/watched/engaged with/stressed over/handled that weren't a priority, or even my responsibility. (I literally just checked my Facebook notification on my computer then looked at my phone and opened Facebook AH!). So distractions are everywhere.  

The other thing about distractions is they keep us away from our emotions. Have you ever gotten so caught up in being busy and just DOING things to avoid really being in touch with and identifying your emotions? It's common and again, easy to do. If you're feeling out of sorts, or just haven't taken time to have a quiet moment to check in with yourself, take it now. What are you ignoring while you're busy playing with the distractions in your life? Are they taking something away from you, like feeling freedom and joy? Maybe you're due for a good cry, let yourself have that, be completely indulgent in taking time to be with yourself. Feel all the feelings. 

So how do you combat distractions from taking over your life? I don't have the answer to this one but I'm really curious how my days and weeks would not just look but FEEL if I consistently denied engaging with distractions. Now I just have to stop writing this blog and get back to what I planned on doing today so I can try that out! 

Tell me how you keep focused on the important stuff and avoid distractions overrunning your life!