Real World Creatives is the place for artists, creative entrepreneurs and soulful small businesses to experience a holistic coaching approach to running a successful business!

I'm here to help visionaries like you find the sweet spot between doing what you love, making a profit, and enjoying the process! 


We'll identify your big ideas, grand plans, unspoken dreams and get to the truth of who you are and what you want to do with your career. A key ingredient for long term motivation and inner drive! Too many ideas? No prob! I'm a pro at turning creative chaos into a logical, intentional path forward.


Together we'll uncover the subconscious beliefs and thought patterns that are holding you hostage from fully becoming who you're meant to be. With daily rituals and support you'll overcome fears, tap into your confidence, and craft a positive, loving outlook on yourself and your future.


We'll map out a clear, organized plan for how you can reach your goals both short term and long term. Customized daily schedules, simple systems, and support so you're never overwhelmed or lost. Using my unique Biz Map you'll always know what comes next. 

What I love about Sonya is that she brings a holistic, genuine, down to earth and exciting emotion to revamping your business to suit YOU. You really can’t find that anywhere else. I have taken workshops, classes, etc. and none really felt like they were trying to help me as an individual, and I couldn’t connect to what I was learning. I have seen a steady increase in my income, my whole mentality towards my business has been so much more positive and fun, and most importantly I feel in control of my life and my business as a whole entity and not as separate things. Very grateful!
— Feda Eid, Photographer