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Wealth: DIVINE

A sacred & advanced money healing and wealth training program for creative, energy conscious women entrepreneurs eager to up their capacity for wealth, lower money stress, and increase joy!

Through identifying and releasing financial self sabotage, weekly live wealth energy sessions, and deep money mindset work, you’ll be supported in managing more money, crafting your wealth legacy and bringing in more joy, impact & wealth, from the inside out.

Begins June 5th!

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Women - smart, creative, talented women- are struggling with money.

While many of my clients come to me wanting help with making more money, or getting organized with their offers, many are already making good money but don’t know where to turn when it comes to questions like:

“How do I manage and be responsible with more money than I’ve ever made?”

“How do I hire people without feeling guilty for not doing everything?”

“Can I truly be MYSELF & be wealthy?”

These days my clients are redefining who wealthy, modern, creative women are and how they live. And I’m honored to guide them to their true wealthy, joyful selves through intuitive, grounded and biz savvy coaching and energy work.

Did you know_ The original definition of the word wealth was _The condition of well-being._ __.png

A Holistic Approach to Wealth


We’ll Be Answering the Questions:

*Where does self sabotage come into play with your money?

*Where are you allowing, or not allowing, for growth?

*How are you allowing, or not allowing, money to accumulate?

*What patterns are you ready to break & replace with new ones?

*What really motivates you to make money & achieve in your career?

*How can your creative, soul-led mission bring you wealth now, years to come, and leave a legacy beyond your lifetime?

*How can you feel GOOD about money no matter what?!

*How can you align your energy for more wealth?

If you’re the “put together” entrepreneur who needs a safe space to get vulnerable, ask money questions and release perfectionist ideals so you can truly grow- I gotcha!


In our 8 weeks together you’ll do new fun & impactful exercises for connecting with your money desires + goals + past money traumas. Gain fresh perspectives on money as a divine energy in your life & experience what that feels like, and get access to 8 live channeled money meditations + mindset coaching.

(This, like all my programs, was received through divine downloads so guaranteed to be new content!)


Through Wealth: DIVINE you’ll experience:

*A deeper understanding of your unique money cycles within Attracting, Receiving, Saving & Spending so nothing is being avoided or stuck in lack and you can confidently make $$ decisions

*Identifying the real reasons you’re motivated to make money and achieve success, and what might sabotage you from your next level

*Creating a million dollar plan for your biz :D (So even if your current goal is nowhere close you KNOW you can handle whatever is next!)

*Feeling a greater sense of calm, optimism and ease navigating through all your financial experiences

*Creating a more secure relationship with money and yourself

*Greater fluidity between your intuition/spiritual life, biz life, and personal life so abundance and joy flows throughout!



Who’s Wealth: DIVINE for?

  • For the woman who deeply believes she’s meant for more wealth… but feels scared to dream or manage money beyond 6 figures

  • The woman who is looking to maintain a healthy (aka not eternally stressed out) relationship with money, no matter what’s in the bank account!

  • The woman who craves sacred time like meditations, energy work & rituals to assist in her money makin’

  • The woman who is looking for new content, new messages, new exercises to boost wealth, financial security and abundance

  • The woman who’s ready to work on the deeper layers of emotions or stories around money to bring through even more self awareness and more ease with money

  • The woman ready to OWN her money story instead of it owning her (see ya old programming!)

  • The woman who is cultivating positive energy in her life & wants money to be include in that

Who is Wealth: DIVINE not for:

  • The woman who doesn’t know what a money story is or has never explored her personal history with money

  • The woman who isn’t on board with the idea of money as energy

  • The woman who’s still avoiding her bank account and not in a place where she can look at all her money even if fear, nerves, or shame comes up in those moments

  • The woman who’s convinced she doesn’t have time to work on herself & her business every week

Divine Details

Timeframe 8 weeks: Starts June 5th

  • Live Zoom calls every Monday (all will be recorded)

  • Calls are for the whole group & will include a meditation, training or exercise, discussion and coaching

  • Private Facebook group will be open for extra support & community & divine connections

  • VIPs get private Voxer access to Sonya for the 8 weeks + 2 hours of 1:1 coaching calls

  • While there is not much "homework" involved, this is deep and important mindset & energy work that requires commitment, consistency and compassion for yourself. Act accordingly. 

    *Side Effects May Include: making more money, heightened experiences of joy, mega mindset shifts, desire to raise prices, increase in savings, lower stress levels, divine downloads & more!*

    ~Your Divine Investment Options ~

VIP $1888

Pay in full

Pay in 2 installment

Pay in 3 installments

*VIPs get (1) hour a month for private coaching + unlimited Voxer access to Sonya for the 8 weeks

Diamond $888

Pay in full

Pay in 2 installments

Pay in 4 installments


About Sonya:

Sonya provides intuitive business & mindset coaching, and facilitates mindful movement & meditation workshops. Her unique blend of intuitive, logical and savvy coaching is a powerful approach to guiding creative women entrepreneurs to take a holistic look at their lives and businesses. Her clients love her work for gentle yet radical mindset shifts, boosting calm and confident action taking, increased ease around wealth, and encouraging more joy in their lives!

Sonya’s process with clients is to connect their big vision with inspired action, small steps & daily intentional living so they can bring their dreams out of the clouds and into reality NOW.

Divine Words of Praise

“What I love about Sonya is that she brings a holistic, genuine, down to earth and exciting emotion to revamping your business to suit YOU. I have seen a steady increase in my income, my whole mentality towards my business has been so much more positive and fun and most importantly I feel in control of my life and my business as a whole entity and not as separate things. Very grateful!” -Feda, Photographer

“Working with you was energetically very cleansing, it was like doing a detox of money and limiting beliefs. Like I drank a green juice for my money belief system. You are potent witch!” -Alex, Artist/Healer

“Sonya manages to be simultaneously brilliant and approachable. Her insights on mindset and making art AND money are beyond inspiring. Whenever she speaks, I reach for a notebook to record every word. Literally. Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, Sonya helps you employ the perspective you need for perseverance. She’s absolutely amazing.” -Helena, Stylist & Writer

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VIP $1888

Pay in full

Pay in 2 installments

Pay in 3 installments

VIPs get (1) hour a month for private coaching + unlimited Voxer access to Sonya for the 8 weeks


Pay in full

Pay in 2 installments

Pay in 4 installments