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1-1 Business & Mindset Coaching for Soulful Small Business Owners


Soulful Small Business Owners: People on a mission with a great idea, passionate about sharing their expertise and resources so others can benefit. 

If you know you've got a great idea/product/service but the customers and cash aren't flowing in, or you're growing your biz, maybe hiring help, but need some extra support to up-level without losing momentum(or sanity!)...You're in the right place! 

For the last 6 years I've run my commercial photography business and would often find myself working with small business owners and sharing not just my photo skills but suggestions for marketing strategies, where to find their ideal clients by networking and even what online payment platforms to use! Having done 2+ years of coaching artists and creative entrepreneurs, I began getting more requests from small business owners and realized that the underlying issues and business obstacles were really no different. I use my one-of-a-kind intuitive approach to asking the right questions, helping you craft a clear path forward, and guide you (and your biz partner) to be organized, empowered and profitable business owners making an impact in the world. Here's the long version of my story

Take charge of your business. Get the support you need. Reap the rewards of working smarter not harder. And see your success flow!

Working with Sonya has been fabulous for my growth as a freelance artist, teaching artist, and arts admin consultant. I love the way she puts equal value on mindset work as well as the raw, practical, essential information about building your own business! She is not only a coach - she is an in-depth resource-rich contributor to the field - we are indebted! So powerful!
— Martha O. Artist/Teacher/Consultant

Ready to begin your transformation and become the creative business owner you know you're meant to be?


The Create Your Success Series is my 1-1 coaching program for people motivated to change and better their lives. And I can't wait to help you do so!

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What might you accomplish and impact the world with once you have the right support and tools to do so? Whether you want to make money to travel, buy a store front, help others, or provide for your family, I believe you can do so from your passion work and I'm willing to take a stand so you can get there!

Some of the amazing experiences clients have had while we've worked together include:

  • Selling art/products their ideal prices
  • Securing new clients with simple strategies 
  • Raising their prices to fit their needs
  • Retaining clients at higher prices
  • Adding new services and products that their customers LOVE
  • Increasing productivity by defining goals and finding systems that support them
  • Handling tough client situations with ease and grace
  • Creating and implementing contracts, policies and customer service solutions
  • Attracting higher end clients
  • Revamping their websites so they look professional and attract ideal clients
  • Going part-time to full-time in their biz
  • Expanding their mindset about what they're capable of and how they can afford for their ideal lifestyle!

Can you visualize your life with this kind of support? How fulfilling would it be to know someone was not only looking out for you & your business, but guiding you toward your biggest dream, truly hearing you, and celebrating you along your journey?


Your investment is $1000/month for the business of your dreams.

Join me and create your success!

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