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Power Trip

What’s another word for trip? Journey. You’re invited to join other power-curious, creative, spiritual women as we take a journey to claim & enhance your personal power, and to learn to lead from a position of power that is GOOD for the greater good.



We're going to reclaim this as a positive term for all my intuitive, thoughtful, empathic, creative women out there who are being called to a position of leadership- to lead their industry, to lead their community, women who want to be the most impactful leader that they can be. And yes, that includes being crazy POWERFUL in your personal life & work life.

I see a lot of women who want to step up.

Want to stand up. Want to speak up. Want to take a leading role in whatever industry they're in, and whatever they're called to do. But it feels uncomfortable- it can feel scary, overwhelming, and there can be whole lot of EGO around power.⁣⁠⁣⁠ But I believe…


The direction that we're moving in is creative, thoughtful, WOKE women leading the way.

So you've got to feel GOOD & STRONG in your own power. In that gut, in that solar plexus, personal power!


-Nicole Marie Finch, Personal & Professional Development Trainer-

If you’ve been feeling called to step up & lead in some capacity but get stuck with:

  • Worrying if you’ll have the energy for your big mission(business), family, and self care time

  • How to expand your reach, serve current clients, and take on new projects

  • Imposter syndrome BIG time, constant self doubt, even though you 100% believe in your work!

  • Setting boundaries and feeling like you’re able to attract quality people into your life who WILL respect your time, energy, ideas and pay prices you truly desire

  • Feeling like your work is general knowledge/wisdom that anyone COULD access, so why should you be the expert/leader of the niche? OR get to be a wealthy healer?!

  • Wanting to provide extremely high quality leadership/support, sacred & safe containers, inspiration, and do way more help than harm (because you’ve seen leaders do the opposite) but feel overwhelm or pressure to figure that out on your own

    Then Power Trip is the program for you love. Apply below!

    If you want to learn:

  • How you can show up powerfully as a leader AND an introvert/empath/spiritual person

  • How to command attention without force, and feel both respected by & connected to your audience

  • How to create impactful and life changing services/experiences/offers for your audience

  • How to maintain your energy through customized boundaries and self care routines

  • How to genuinely feel powerful within yourself, confident in the world and LIT up by receiving grandly for the important work you do…

    It’s possible! And I’m going to guide you there.


-Lila Simmons, Lila Sage Heals-

Power Trip is about coming together in a sacred space, an expansive container for growth and leadership, owning your power to the fullest in a way that is truly beneficial, peaceful and sustainable for YOU & others. 

-Abigail Gazda, CEO Hearts Unleashed-


You ready?

Details of Our 6 Month Program:

  • 2 months focus on The Energy Behind Your Personal Power

  • 2 months focus on Leadership at The Highest Level

  • 2 months focus on Your Wealth Legacy

We’ll dive deep into each of these categories using a variety of tools & modalities including: mindset work, meditation, energy work, Human Design, real life examples, biz strategy, and intuitive skills.

We’ll also look at the topics of:

  • Values

  • Impact & Visibility

  • Service & Sacred Offers

  • Power dynamics & Relationships

  • And Wealth Mindset!

Get comfortable, confident, cozy & connected with yourself - physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, professionally- so that you can show up and be a leader in integrity.

This program will guide you so you can impact & help others with boundaries that serve you, so you can serve at your highest level & receive for it at your highest level.

The group will meet twice a month on Zoom video calls [1 training, 1 mastermind style] and we’ll have a private Facebook group for continuous connection and support!

**VIP level includes 1:1 calls each month. Optional retreat available to all.**

Application below! Or book a
call now.

-Stephanie Labonte, Educator, Author, CEO Empowered Girls Rise-


Things you should know before applying to this program:

  1. I’ve been bringing groups of women together for the last 4 years and have seen the immense benefit they receive from being connected in supportive programs, sharing their journeys and expanding themselves. Because this is the longest group I’ve hosted I’m taking applications to make sure everyone is truly in harmony with their level of dedication, intentions & desires for this experience.

  2. Once you come into my sphere as a client- you’re in for good! I not only strive to serve you fully with the offered program, I inevitably go above & beyond by giving extra support, personalized resource suggestions, and making connections for you within my network. This is why it’s so HIGHLY valuable to work with me!

  3. When I say we take a holistic approach- I mean it! Unlike other programs I’m interested in you first & foremost being a happy, healthy human and second being a successful entrepreneur/leader. That means that you’re welcome to bring your WHOLE self into the group. For true transformation there has to be space for all that you are, and while we certainly have themes and time limits, this is a safe space to look at everything that impacts & influences your ability to be POWERFUL in your life & career. No biz robot barbies here please!


-Michaela Morton, Realtor, Writer, Speaker-

I’ve gone from behind the camera in my photo biz, young, introverted with zero business knowledge to running multiple businesses, going full time in my soul biz (this!) speaking around the country, being interviewed on blogs, podcasts & TV, building communities, hosting events & workshops, and now leading retreats as well as a thriving virtual hub filled with women I admire and love supporting. I’m happy to share all my insight, experience & intuitive wisdom as I guide more creative women to crafting a life & business they’re proud of- leading, serving and doing what they love for profit!


Power Pose With Me!

Your thoughts are powerful. Your words are potent. Your voice is needed.

Let’s Power Trip.

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What if these next 6 months could provide exactly the support you need to make your next level leap & change your life?


-Mariana Sanford Maynard, LICSW & Reiki Master-

Let’s Get Powerful!