Illumination 90 Min Call

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Illumination 90 Min Call


90 minutes of one-on-one coaching to tackle your top business/mindset/life challenges or pain points. Once purchased you’ll receive an email with a link to schedule your session and fill out your focus points for the call.

During these sessions clients often discuss topics like:

*Pricing and offer organization

*Selling and client communication

*Identifying smaller action steps that connect with bigger vision goals

*Negotiating salaries

*Money mindset & blocks around selling, receiving or saving

*Boundaries for clients and family members and how to nourish your energy

*Schedules with time for work, self care, creation time, friends, family

*Spiritual practices and modalities

*Event organization

*Goal setting and clarity around action plan

And much more! The topics are up to you. I will provide a safe space for sharing, great listening, calming energy, intuitive messages, strategic biz ideas, personalized resources and tools. Every client walks away feeling something has been accomplished and they’re ready for the next steps in their personal and professional evolution.

Clients who choose to continue with a long term coaching program after this session will be credited the $299 towards whatever package they choose!

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Why Clients Love this Work:

“I was feeling paralyzed by my anxiety and fear and Sonya was able to ask me the right questions to help me move through my emotions and out of them. She has an extremely calming energy and provides great perspective. I left our session feeling lighter and inspired and that evening I had several new business ideas. I also left our session with actionable items to help prevent myself from going back into an ungrounded space. -Ariel

Sonya is a fabulous coach in every way:: She provides practical, specific, straightforward advice and answers/information about business building, tailored to creatives when needed; and simultaneously has such a talent for deep listening and providing intuitive question-asking, probing to discuss and reach answers on a higher, more personal level. I deeply appreciate the coaching time with her, both for what she offered and what was revealed to myself, through her process of listening and guiding. -Martha

I’m brimming with gratitude for Sonya, and I wanted to share!

Sonya was able to make clarity of the opportunity the universe had presented - it's time to invest my energy fully in the new business. She offers a grounded and logical perspective without stripping away any of the joy or possibility that's needed to persevere despite obstacles.

She has mastered being able to stay grounded and take flight simultaneously. This is not an easy place to inhabit as an entrepreneur - we tend to sway one way or the other. I'm blessed to bask in your light, Sonya, and am excited to see how many lives you will touch. You are truly gifted, sister! LOVE you so much! - Megan