A self guided process for creative women entrepreneurs to get informed & transform the areas of money, mindset work, and proven business building practices so they’re not in the dark and success is inevitable on their career path.

ILLUMINATE was made for the woman like you who’s following your calling, taking the brave step to start a business, passionate about your art, writing, travel, healing, wellness, coaching etc. and knows she needs help getting organized and putting all the pieces together so that success, not struggle, is the name of the game.
This is your lifeline. Business help formatted specifically for emerging creative entrepreneurs. Combining the most potent tools you won’t learn all in one book or masters program. A holistic approach to setting up your life, mind & business.
After almost a decade in business I’m giving you the most valuable kickstart for anti-hustle, wealth oriented, joyful and actionable ways to build a career that serves you & others.
Love, Sonya
{Intuitive Biz & Mindset Coach, Speaker, Artist}

It Begins with You

An introduction and kick start to understanding how your mind works, how your beliefs & thought patterns are impacting your life & biz, and how to craft a positive mindset for success, confidence and courageous impact via your passion work!

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Understanding Abundance

Breaking down the struggle of pricing your creative services, charging to profit, and building a loving, abundant relationship with money that relieves stress and allows you to make empowered financial choices in your life & business.


The Foundations for Growth

Demystify the steps you need to take to create a solid foundation in your biz, everything from contracts to legal set ups, communication trainings and outreach templates. A base to build upon for sustainable, feel-good success for any niche.


Why ILLUMINATE is what you’ve been looking for…

  1. You know you need help, girlfriend!

  2. You don’t want to spend an arm & a leg

  3. You’re not just a business owner you’re a soulful creator & want holistic support from someone who gets that (I do, I really do.)

  4. You also realllly want to rock this thang and bring in the big bucks!

What I know is learning marketing strategies won’t help you one bit if your mindset says “I’m meant for failure not success.” And there’s no point in growing a social media following if you have no idea how to connect authentically & network within your industry as well as others. And you can stop listening to those podcasts about scaling your business and outsourcing right now if your prices aren’t set up to even allow you to profit and pay all your bills this year.

As an emerging creative/solo/soulpreneur…

You’re wearing a lot of hats, trying to get organized, learn new systems, develop your inner world, and up-level your unique skillset all at once. *Been there.*

I can’t tell you how often I tell someone I’m an intuitive biz & mindset coach and their response is, “OOOH I need that!! But I can’t afford it.” It’s a knee jerk reaction- women know they need support, and that both mindset and business skills are important- but they immediately cut themselves off from the possibility of help by assuming that it’s out of their budget, or worse, that they haven’t struggled enough to deserve help.

TRUE STORY: You deserve help, support & professional guidance as soon as you start something… not only after you’ve struggled enough, or “failed” or hit mega success by yourself.


If you’re feeling like…

  • You know you need help, you’re just not sure where to start or what kind of help you need most

  • You want access to life changing content without emptying your bank account

  • You’re just getting things up & running and you’re not totally clear on your goals, and you might still change your focus/niche

  • ILLUMINATE is your answer for all of that. Holistic, affordable, beneficial to any creative industry with tools, trainings, & mindset shifts you can take with you as you grow!

ILLUMINATE is not a marketing course, but you will learn how to share about your work confidently.

ILLUMINATE is not a sales course but you will learn about identifying your ideal client, how to effectively communicate with them, and how to make sure you have a contract for them to sign when they decide to buy from you.

ILLUMINATE is not an accounting course, but you will learn how to price yourself to profit, how to set money goals, and you will learn to write your wealthy, success story from the inside out.


If you’re ready, like REALLY ready, to:

  • Enjoy running your business on a daily basis & find your focus

  • Understand how to price your offers & art

  • Feel secure in your purpose & path

  • Build your confidence muscles so you can share & sell your work bravely

  • Dive into your money story and discover where your money beliefs/patterns/habits come from

  • Begin to shift your thoughts for ones that serve you positively & create self love and abundance

  • Overcome fears and release self sabotage

  • Network & communicate better with potential clients, collaborators & current customers

  • Tap into your energy through meditation for better alignment and inner revelations

ILLUMINATE is the program for you!

If you’ve been trying to do it all on your own, have been afraid to invest in anything besides training/tools specific to your niche, or aren’t ready for high investment support, then you’re invited to ILLUMINATE!

The investment is $197 with multiple payment options for stress free investing!

Here’s What’s Included:


That’s a Whole Lotta Helpful!

Details: You get lifetime access to all of this content at once, it is neatly separated into the 3 categories of Mindset, Money, and Biz Building so you can work through it at your pace. You’ll also get loving, occasional email reminders for accountability and extra action prompts so you’re implementing what you learn.

Value: The total value of all this glorious content is over $700. {Heyyoooo!}

Your Investment: $197 ~ Payment plans available and start at $50/month!


Invest a little, learn a lot, and go impact the world with your magic!

As Beyonce says, “Lemme lemme upgrade ya!”

Add a 1-1 coaching call (at a discounted rate!) and boost your biz investment with personalized feedback, insight & mindset work.

Why I’m Illuminating Your Path

Founder of Real World Creatives. Intuitive biz & mindset coach. Wealth mindset speaker. Artist. Joy seeker. Aries.

I started my creative career at 22, growing my photo business solely by word of mouth in Boston, and was honored to work with clients like Harvard University, JP Morgan, The Langham Hotels and many more small & large companies. My work was featured in national & international publications and my photos live on many websites! But it was not a quick & easy climb to success and that made me frustrated for the future generations of soulful, creative entrepreneurs.

In 2015 I launched Real World Creatives to support other artists and creative-preneurs craft profitable businesses doing what they love. I’m forever grateful to be on this path, working with amazing women around the world, speaking at events around the U.S. and witnessing more talented & heart centered people come into their power, find their flow, and enjoy their entrepreneurial ride!

The content I share is a mix of lessons from real business experiences, guiding questions and exercises to understand yourself and your mission better, intuitive insights for breaking down blocks and expanding your vision, and tried & true (and legally necessary!) tools & strategies for growing a business that THRIVES.

I want you to be the most well-rounded, wealthy & joyful entrepreneur out there! This is the place to start ->

Questions, comments, love notes: Email me here.