Ready to Fire Up Your Creative Biz? 

A 2 part virtual workshop for artists and creative business owners who want to get organized, get important biz questions answered and make 2018 the year your passion work makes you a profit!

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 If you're perplexed by pricing, tired of beating yourself up mentally, or just generally freakin' ready to make your passion your work(and make it work!)this is the fuel for your creative fire.

Business is a whole lot more fun when you're creating AND making money!

If you want this to be the year your biz takes off, makes more money, attracts your soulmate clients or allows you to go full-time and experience the high of success- this workshop is going to transform your biz & your brain!


Let's Ignite Your Career! 


Join me for a 2-part video workshop to receive easy-to-implement information that will fuel your business forward. Find confidence and clarity around pricing, overcome networking fears, craft a positive mindset for success and enjoy the benefits of a business you love that provides for what YOU need.

Whether you're just starting out or have been in business for some years, each of the topics in this workshop should be considered, revisited and aligned with your goals in order to have a strong foundation and profitable business that lights you UP!

I've turned my e-book "Fire Up Your Creative Biz" into a workshop to guide you through the 6 most important topics you need to master in order to run a successful creative business!

What We'll Dig Into, Discuss and share resources for:

  1. Big Vision & Goal Setting -What’s your ultimate goal and how do you possibly figure out all the steps it takes to get there? We talk big career visions and how to goal set in a way that works.
  2. Legally Defining Your Business- Not sexy but important! I give you an easy to understand and straight-forward intro to legally defining your business. Sole proprietor, LLC, S corp, what the what? I’ve broken it down so you don’t have to be a lawyer to understand your legal needs, and can see how your biz can grow.
  3. Pricing- Who hasn’t struggled to figure out how to price their art or creative services? I give you my best advice from what I’ve learned and seen work for my clients, and how to find numbers that work for you!(My most recent client found an extra 36k she had the potential to make when we did her numbers!)
  4. Ideal Clients -You want great clients who will pay you right? I give you what you need before you can find them, and how to get paid what you want.
  5. Networking -I give you suggestions for where to network, who to talk to, and how to do the most important part, which has nothing to do with awkwardly handing out biz cards in a room of strangers. Introverts rejoice this is for YOU!
  6. Mindset for Happiness & Success -I give you the best techniques I’ve got to stay mentally and emotionally together while pursuing a creative career. It won’t be rainbows all the time, but we can train our brains to stay happy, motivated and capable of quick turnarounds after tough times. We'll discuss how to overcome fears and accomplish what you truly want!
I just finished your e-book and it’s absolutely perfect! So much condensed, good information that every creative needs to know.
— Dome B. , Artist

Join me and let's fire it up!

Details: You'll get my e-book, worksheets to take notes and 2 video sessions (almost 4 hours!) of valuable, insightful content for you and your biz. 

Prepare to feel 100% capable to accomplish your goals in 2018!

The e-book, worksheets, and training videos are all yours for just $199! 


This workshop will be the most impactful 4 hours you can spend working ON your biz!

I'll expand upon and go deep into each of the six topics, giving extra insight, resources and coaching! 

Stop being held back by fear, confusion or the idea you can't do business AND be creative! 


Meet Sonya:

Hey there! I'll be your host for this workshop ;)

I'm a photographer turned business & mindset coach, working with artists, creative entrepreneurs and soulful small biz owners to help you create the life you want doing the work you LOVE!

I take a holistic approach to biz coaching which is why mindset work is included in everything I do. I know it's possible to create a successful full-time living from your creative work, did so with my commercial photo biz, and I am passionate about helping other talented folks to do it too! I believe in creating partnerships with my clients, showing up as our best selves for each other, and sharing the journey we're all on. 

Questions? Shoot me a message!