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Real Women. Real Conversations. Real Community.

The Expansive Woman’s Network is the most cozy & inspiring space on the internet where creative, spiritually inclined women from around the globe come together to connect.


This is the group you’ve been looking for!

A true community to learn, share your work, ask your questions, receive support, network and EXPAND!


Hi I’m Sonya Highfield- intuitive biz & mindset coach, speaker, retreat host, Aries, joy seeker :)

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You’ll find me live in the group for a discussion or training on mindset/biz/entrepreneurship/spiritual topics every week for Talk-o Tuesday! It’s one of my favorite ways to connect with my community.


We talk about real things, no fluff, all love, and the women are the most lovely, honest, and intuitive!

This combo is why we’re a favorite group to hang, talk & expand in! We’re in it together and we hold space for your full expression & the crazy beautiful journey of life & entrepreneurship.

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The Expansive Woman’s Network came to me in a meditation.

The title along with this vision of a beautiful, expansive forest of tall trees. Each of us is a strong, deeply rooted, powerful tree and when we stand together we create a forest. And us women- us creative, thoughtful, innovative, emotional, intuitive, kind, ambitious and abundant women- we need to stand together.

Taking up more space in this world, spreading our goodness, our wisdom, our knowledge. Let’s be a forest, a force, a movement, a network that spreads around the globe. And let’s support each of our sisters as she stands her tallest, digs her deepest, and grows to her fullest, most expansive self.