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Expansive Experiences

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Expansive Experiences:

March 12-17th Costa Rica! A mindset, meditation & exploration week at a private villa! Enjoy the gorgeous tropical location with daily yoga, workshops on movement, mindset & next level biz steps, healthy food, and bonus activities like snorkeling, dolphin watching & kayaking in the turquoise waters. 

September 27-29 VIP Luxe Energy Biz Weekend! 3 spots are open for this unique mind, body, soul & biz experience to wrap up 2019 powerfully & plan 2020 abundantly! Tap into your wealthy woman as we spend the weekend at a beautiful hotel/spa and lay the mindset, energy & actions groundwork for your next level of aligned business impact! 

October 20-23rd Sacred Leadership & Planning Retreat- A retreat opportunity to come together with other transformation leaders, share your gifts, discuss the dynamics & skills of being a powerful host, leader and creator of impactful service. Mastermind together as we breath in deeply the fresh air, have deep discussions around power, and plan your next sacred offers and experiences.

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