Elements of Success Women’s Mastermind


This mastermind is for women entrepreneurs who are looking for a judgement free, motivating & powerful support circle, as well as guidance, coaching and accountability in reaching the next level of their unique business path.

You may be a great fit for this group if you’ve been in business for at least 2 years and you find you’re ready to release & overcome:

  • Client boundary, communication or on-boarding issues

  • Feeling like you’re living under pressure 24/7

  • Not being able to run your biz consistently

  • Not feeling focused or always feeling overwhelmed

  • Lack of clarity in your next steps

  • Not playing the right role in your business (or fear of delegating)

  • Doubting your big vision

  • Listening to others more than yourself and your intuition

  • Low sales or inconsistent income

When you get disconnected from what you know for sure about who you are & how you work best, then you get out of alignment with clients, communication, money flow, personal relationships, biz opportunities & joy.

Let’s reconnect with that inner wisdom, acquire tools to check-in with your energy & affirm your intuition and put that knowledge to work so your business flows abundantly!


Mastermind includes:

  • 3-month small group program with 2 group calls/month, with a private Facebook group & Voxer circle.

  • We will use monthly themes & mindset shifts to reach alignment so you can create success on your terms & prosper in 2019 and beyond!

  • Coaching & resources from Sonya [additional 1-1 support available too!]

  • BONUS: Each participant will receive a Cozy Cash session! Details here.

~ Mastermind Outline ~

{Fire Starter Ceremony} Mini virtual retreat: Group call for soul introductions, intention setting, schedule for success.

{Month 1} Ground Down & Dirty: Identifying core truths about yourself to get into alignment and out of frustration. Use tools like Human Design, astrology, numerology, tarot to connect in with your purpose & affirm what you need to thrive. We'll remove blocks from receiving so you can move forward powerfully, work consistently and strategize joyfully.

{Month 2} Abundance Airstreams: Creating the pathways money can flow to you. We'll work through money mindset blocks {fears, frustrations, self sabotaging behaviors} and identify strategies to consistently bring money in, craft your ideal revenue streams & set wealth goals for 2019!

{Month 3} Clear Water Steps: We’ll personalize your strategy to getting unstuck and overcoming obstacles and give you tools to reconnect with your clear vision. We’ll continue to outline 2019 monthly business and personal goals and create an action plan for staying in-tune with your own energy cycles throughout the year. You’ll feel clarity & confidence in your business path, connected to your purpose, and ready for whatever comes next!

{Cosmic Send Off Ceremony} Mini virtual retreat: Final session to bring it all together and send each other off with the full power of the Universe!

Your investment for this mastermind is a gorgeous $299/month.

If you’d like to upgrade and get 1-1 support that is available as well, please ask!

Application is a free 30 minute call.

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Why Work with Sonya

What I know for sure about myself comes from intuitive knowledge, and the tools I've learned to use over the years {astrology, numerology, tarot, Human Design} which all say basically this: I'm a born leader, an agent for change, those that are in my energy field get a boost just from knowing me {pretty awesome!} and I'm without a doubt here to help people with their money from a place of soulful guidance. I teach from my own experiences, my near decade of business building, and I coach women to new mindset perspectives with intuitive questions and holistic support. I've been able to be consistent & expansive in my businesses because of this deep knowing of self, clear mission to help others, and urge to find a life of purpose, joy & ease.


Is this feeling like a heck yes?! Head here to schedule your free application call.

I can’t wait to connect!

I first grew my photo business solely by word of mouth in Boston, and was honored to work with big name clients like Harvard University & JP Morgan, my work was featured in national & international publications and my photos live on many websites! In 2015 I began Real World Creatives to support other artists and creative-preneurs craft profitable businesses doing what they love. I’m forever grateful to be on this path, working with amazing women around the world, speaking at events around the U.S. and witnessing more talented & heart centered people come into their power, find their flow, and enjoy their entrepreneurial ride! If you’re into big dreams, cozy connections, expansion, and extra guac we’ll get along :)

I invite you to join me in this magical group setting to reach your next level and craft your business with holistic strategies for long term success!


Experience the power of women coming together to cheer each other on, share stories, resources, and expand your network of soul sisters!


What my lovely clients say:

“Working with Sonya helped me to grow myself as a business person. I feel more confident charging clients the money I need and deserve, to live the life that I want. I have seen growth in my business since, and know that I have her to thank for some of that progress. It was great to work with a successful artist who helps reverse the starving artist stereotype.” - Elissa, chalk artist

I'm brimming with gratitude for Sonya, and want to share! She offers a grounded and logical perspective without stripping away any of the joy or possibility that's needed to persevere despite obstacles. She has mastered being able to stay grounded and take flight simultaneously. This is not an easy place to inhabit as an entrepreneur - we tend to sway one way or the other. I'm blessed to bask in your light, Sonya, and am excited to see how many lives you will touch. You are truly gifted, sister!” - Megan, spiritual & corporate coach

“I was looking for someone who aligns with my spiritual beliefs because they play a pretty big role in how I run my business. I would recommend other women work with Sonya if they want someone who listens and takes what they hear and creates actionable steps for you to make big changes, and integrates spiritual practices into your coaching experience. With her coaching I mainly experienced transformation around my mindset, which affected several parts of my professional and personal life!” - Kelly, brand designer

“Sonya is a fabulous coach in every way:: She provides practical, specific, straightforward advice and answers/information about business building, tailored to creatives when needed; and simultaneously has such a talent for deep listening and providing intuitive question-asking, probing to discuss and reach answers on a higher, more personal level. She has brought together womyn business owners from different corners and curates thorough, thought provoking info & resource sharing experiences. From digital daily encouragement, to one on one coaching calls, to group circle discussions -- she is so committed to building the capacity of womyn creatives, for success. I recommend her services to any and all looking to take their work to the next level, make a turn in their work, or start something new. Thank you Sonya!” - Martha, visual artist & teacher

Let’s connect and see if this is the community for you!