Cozy Cash

A new way for women to uncover the mindset behind your self sabotaging money patterns, learn to transform your thoughts & habits, and optimize your cash flow so you can create the life you really want! (Pajamas encouraged.)


Judgement Free.

I know money can be overwhelming, intimidating, and straight up stressful- so what if we approached financial support in a different way? No old guy in a suit talking about things you don’t understand. Real talk between women, holding space for all emotions and questions, looking at the ins & outs of your money, savings goals and even *gasp* debt. All from the comfort of your own home or office, Cozy Cash will give us an opportunity to chat over video while we look at your numbers, breakthrough money mindset blocks, and begin to create a new wealth story for you. (And I’ll probably be wearing my slippers & crystals!)

Cozy Cash is for the woman who:

  • Wonders where your money goes every month

  • Feels like you’re living the feast & famine life even when you make 6 figures (or close)

  • Wants to create some healthier money habits, but aren’t sure where to start

  • Wants to optimize what you got while you work towards your next level

  • Feels shame or guilt around debt and you know it’s holding you back

  • Really wants to make more money, but can’t imagine charging more than you already are

  • Feels overwhelmed with the idea of managing a higher income

  • Wants to set realistic goals for making/saving/spending and get tools for making it happen

  • Knows your relationship with money needs to improve if you’re going to kick butt & conquer your dreams!


In our Cozy Cash session we’ll look at your current money patterns and discuss what new actions, strategies and mindset would best support your goals. These sessions are 1-1 and done over video so we get that lovely face-to-face connection!

What happens when you’re informed & empowered with money?

  • Your investments aren’t made out of fear, giving you better results when you do invest

  • You are clear on your money boundaries, no peer, family or industry pressure dictating for you

  • You can have more fun with money! Treat yo’self or others guilt free

  • Old patterns not serving you get released

  • You have more choices in life, the world opens up to you

  • You appreciate the making, saving & spending of money

  • There is less stress in various areas of your life

  • You’re able to enjoy your work & life more when money isn’t a constant downer

  • You attract higher quality clients

  • You can stop your self sabotage & hit your goals

  • You can move forward confidently towards the lifestyle you’re really craving!

How We’ll Approach It The Cozy & Feminine Way: Meditation.Intuitive support.Your Sacred Space.

I’ll have you fill out some information about your money & goals ahead of our session. This can be where people hit the most resistance so I’ll also provide you with tools to ease in & create the best environment for yourself to sit down and look at the numbers. Grab your tea, essential oils & take it one step at a time.

Find Your Money Happy Place.jpg

Once you finish the pre-session work you’ll be able to schedule a 1.5 hr video call session at your convenience and we’ll walk through whatcha got and where you want to go!

We’ll focus on the areas you’re most interested in/stuck with/afraid of/excited about. To make empowered choices with your money you have to know what you want and what’s going on with your cash flow. We’ll look at your income & expenses, discuss the mindset behind your decisions, and talk strategy for shifting things to better support your big dreams- even if that big dream is a tiny house!

Accountability and Follow Through ->

Option A: 90 minute session + 30 minute follow up call the next month {$555}

Option B: 90 minute session + 30 min calls for 3 months for maximum accountability & transformation {$899}


Details: Every Cozy Cash session includes a welcome recording with tips for getting started, a meditation to prepare your mind & energy for this work, Cozy Cash flow online worksheets for your income, home + biz expenses, savings & retirement contributions, student loans + credit card debt, a Goals & Mindset Check form and a personalized tarot card wealth spread. Pre-session work must be completed before our call. Other resources will be given on an individual basis, every client is treated uniquely & provided appropriate support for your needs.

*Cozy Cash is a fabulous supplement for the other courses/coaching programs you’re in that don’t get into ALL of your money numbers. This is not a full blown coaching program, rather a highly focused process for understanding & enhancing your unique money cycles and mindset. And if you’d like to combine it with my more extensive coaching offers that is available to you!

Why Work With Sonya


Support around money is both important and overwhelming. I want to provide an option for people who want a holistic approach to their financial life, and who know just talking hard numbers without working on the emotional pieces doesn’t truly give you the support you need for sustained and feel-good financial success.

I’ll give you simple tools for getting your numbers organized which will help you feel empowered with your finances. I’ll provide a safe space to discuss all aspects of your money relationship, as well as accountability for ensuring you are taking aligned action and creating new healthy & wealthy patterns in your life. It’s amazing what happens when you allow money to be a positive energy in your life!

Disclaimer: I’m not an accountant, financial planner or financial advisor. I won’t give recommendations on stocks or specific retirement funds. I cannot give legal advice. I highly recommend working with other financial professionals, and we can discuss what types would be most beneficial to you at this time.


I can claim that: My Human Design (blueprint of my unique strengths & gifts) says I’ve been assigned in this life to help people approach money & materials in a new way, a more holistic and empowering way, in a way that allows your mind to break free from the stories that are holding you back from the true joy and abundant lifestyle you desire and deserve! I use a combination of my intuition and my almost-decade of business experience to help you identify what’s working and what isn’t, tune into what would serve you better, and suggest resources that will most benefit your unique goals.

People tell me I have the least intimidating approach to money and I deeply honor everyone who works with me. I truly know the guts it takes to share your money story and do my best to support, inspire & nurture you in this process. I’m lucky I get to speak around the U.S. on money mindset, have heard stories from all kinds of women, and have seen the magical ah-ha moments when people are given the chance to open up about the realness going on in their financial life… which of course effects their whole life!

Ready to Get Right with Your Money?


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