2 Hour Breakthrough Session


2 Hour Breakthrough Session


Let's bust through that obstacle that's holding you back! 

You: Are kicking butt, working hard, but there's something that's not allowing you to fully live and do business in the most ideal way.

It might be a money block stunting your income, a mindset monster (stealing your confidence or keeping you scattered), or you're looking to find a biz strategy that feels like YOU - and you know it's GOTTA be fixed and NOW is the time to face it head on, so you can move on!

A lot can get accomplished in 2 hours, and taking this necessary time to work ON your biz is when breakthroughs truly occur! When you book your call you'll be asked about your most pressing challenges and the topics you'd like to focus on so when we're on the phone or video call we'll be uber productive and efficient. 

My specialty is breaking down the overwhelming, calming the chaotic, and getting to the deepest root of an issue by asking the important questions. I'm here to guide you to find the best answer for YOU and your business, and to provide as many helpful resources and insights as necessary. I won't hold back, and expect you to show up ready to discuss life & biz honestly, with a positive outlook and the goal to work through the real issue at hand. (Which sometimes is not what you'd expect!) 


*You are responsible for following through on anything we work on, and may consider committing to a longer term coaching process in order to see a full transformation and progress if appropriate. 

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2 hour call through video conferencing + 2 weeks of email follow up for questions/clarity/feedback.