Artist Website Reviews!

Do you have a website for your art business, or are you in the process of making one? 

Do you wonder if your website looks professional, appealing, and speaks to your ideal audience?

Are you embarrassed about sending your site to clients or other professionals?

Then you NEED an artist website review! 


Here's what you get when you choose a review:

*Confidence in your work & your website.

*A unique opportunity to have a professional artist and entrepreneur review your site so you know it's not only gorgeous, but working for your goals.

*A clear sense of how to organize your site & what copy will attract your ideal clients- no more wondering what to put on your About page! 

*A friendly reminder you're amazing and your site should show it!

*30 mins on the phone with me (Sonya) to ask questions, go over every detail & get support in your creative mission.

*A written review emailed to you with all of my suggestions & tips so that while we're on the phone you can just talk and not worry about taking notes.

*Resource links for marketing, image editing, and any other art & biz enhancing tools you need so that you don't have to wonder where to find the best help for YOU.

*15 minute follow-up call once you've made changes so you're totally pumped and ready to share your new website!

*Reviews are ideal for creatives who want guidance & support, and more time to work on your art/biz instead of spending hours researching if you're on the right track & how to do it better.



“Thank you so much, Sonya! Your help is invaluable to me and my business. I loved everything about our call. You covered much more than I expected in a short time. This was absolutely worth every minute and I would recommend this to anyone struggling to showcase their creative art through the web. Above and beyond really!”
- Mariah, Mariah Davy Photography-
“I loved working with Sonya on my website review! She was so helpful and had some great ideas on how to streamline my website and make it more appealing to my customers. She was especially helpful in choosing the most engaging photos to showcase in my gallery. I loved the fact that we were able to speak over the phone for the initial review, but it really helped having her written notes to reference as I worked on my site.”
-Becca, Becca Baker Photography-
“I’ve had a website for my photography business for 8 months, and I was unsure if it was set up professionally. Sonya really helped me. Giving me advice from which colors I should try on my site to how to organize my photographs truly helped make my website pop. Sonya has been great to work with. She’s always willing to answer questions and you can really see how much she genuinely wants to help others to succeed. Marketing myself was my number one downfall, however the resources Sonya has given me have been very helpful. My confidence level has gone up so much since I’ve started working with Sonya!”
-Stephani, Orange Shutter Studios-
“Sonya was great! Her insights jived with what I had been feeling regarding my website and then took things deeper to point out perceptions of strengths and weaknesses from a client’s perspective. She gave me several new things to look into that I had never thought of before. Great service, good insight and fun to chat with besides. I would absolutely recommend this to fellow artists.”
- Miranda, MS Studio Designs Photography-