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The Successful Artists Circle is a virtual membership community just for visual artists. Learn from established artists each month, get live trainings on business and mindset topics, get support from like-minded creatives, find accountability buddies, and so much more!

Get the guidance you've been craving to take the mystery out of art success! 

This is your place!

Hey there my talented, hopeful, working hard to figure out this whole business thing, artists! If you relate to any of the following statements, I just want you to know YOU'RE NORMAL. And not in a boring way, that's not how we creatives roll! 

If you feel like:

  • I'm so excited about my art biz, but so frustrated trying to make "it" work!
  • I'm really hoping things take off soon, I can't work a "normal" job any more!
  • I am trying SO hard to get organized... I just don't really know what I need to do first.
  • I'm pretty confident in my work, but still nervous I won't make enough money.
  • I love that my art makes people happy, just wish the business stuff wasn't so stressful. 
  • I'd love to know how others like me make a living and connect in a non-competitive community. 

If this sounds like you, I know what you're missing. 

As a photographer and business coach for artists, I can say without a doubt the key ingredients to creative success are: outside help (mentorship/coaching), accountability, a strong mindset, and a trusted tribe for support. Because without these things, business is painful. And this deep, infuriating pain makes your biz stagnant and makes you feel like a failure no matter how beautiful your art is.


Get Support, Sell Your Art, Grow Your Business!


What Happens in The Successful Artists Circle:

  • Private membership community on Facebook just for visual artists like you to connect in.
  • Once a month an established artist or art facilitator will be interviewed live to discuss their path in the art world and creative economy, including failures and successes, areas they've mastered, life lessons and insight for emerging artists. Show up live to ask questions, or submit one ahead of time and catch the replay!
  • Sonya will host a live training call once a month on different business and mindset topics. Topics will be based on feedback and requests from the community so you're getting exactly what YOU need!
  • Virtual work together days- to boost your productivity, get unstuck by asking questions, and get new eyes on whatever project you're working on!
  • Looking for an accountability buddy? Get hooked up with another artist who wants a consistent friendly face to check in with and bounce ideas off of. 
  • And once you have all the inspiration and information you need-feel the true transformation that comes from having the guidance and support to take you from lost to focused, unsure to secure, confused to confident! Sonya offers not just advice but logical action steps for your dreams, and empowers you to find your vision and craft a life of freedom through your art business.

Who is This Perfect For?

You'll love this community if you're a visual artist who's starting their career and looking for support and inspiration, or if you've had a business for a few years and need some motivation and insight for how to take it to the next level. With our style of community there will always be new artists coming in, new trainings, and continuous support as your art biz journey evolves! This will be your favorite one-stop shop for business help, mindset development, community and connection. If you're ready to find your zone of genius, conquer the business side, and propel your life forward this is for YOU!

Ready to join us?!

We kick this party off in September '17 but you can join now and become a founding member! Choose your payment plan, get early access to the community and be the first to hear about the amazing guest speakers, trainings and special offers. Membership starts at just $77/month! 

*Membership Policies: Artists may join The Successful Artists Circle at any point in the year, and once payment is received will have access to the membership community which exists in a private Facebook group. A Facebook account is required to join. (Been off the 'book for a while? No worries, we won't tell any annoying family members you're rejoining!) You have the option to pay monthly, pay for 6 months up front, or save 15% when you purchase a full 1 year membership. You may cancel your membership and payments at any time, and you will not be charged for months you're not a member. However, there are no refunds for months where you have access to the community. You'll get the most out of this community by showing up, sharing, and participating in calls and discussions. There are no guaranteed results and you are responsible for your actions and outcomes. We simply wish to inform, inspire, and support you, and hopefully contribute to a positive transformation in your art career.