For my creatives...

Let's take the struggle out of your life. 

Let's take out the confusion, the self doubt, the money challenges, and the stress. 

Let's make it not only possible, but a reality that you earn a full time living from your creative work. Can you picture it?

Not a sort-of working, sometimes selling, ignoring the tough stuff, undercharging for your work, kind of a career. But a real, living, breathing, making money, sharing your message, working on and in your biz, taking vacations, saving for retirement, buying the best supplies, spending more time creating kind of career.

How would you feel knowing that could be your life??

Hi, I'm Sonya- a photographer turned business & mindset coach for creatives! I'm here to help you create a life you're proud of by making art and money. Join me in the Artists Circle to transform your life and biz!

Hi, I'm Sonya- a photographer turned business & mindset coach for creatives! I'm here to help you create a life you're proud of by making art and money. Join me in the Artists Circle to transform your life and biz!

It feels amazing! And empowering! At least that was my experience once I figured out the biz stuff and then was able to truly have an art career that paid the bills.  But I spent way too long researching and taking courses so I could get all the pieces I needed to run a business. I want you to be able to quickly learn what you need so you can make money with more ease, feel freedom in your business, and know you have choices to decide your future. 

And that's the trick- you're not JUST an artist or a good idea. You're a business. And you're a business owner. And you're a badass one at that, or you will be once we get you sorted out so you're not stuck in the studio confused as to why no one has stumbled upon your Instagram and came to seek you out and pay 1 million quick bucks for your latest series. (Alright maybe not a million, but you were hoping for at least 10k, right?!)

The Successful Artists circle is your answer.

This is not a fad, this is your life. You're dedicated to being a creative professional, so why not be a successful one? 

In The Successful Artists Circle this is how we get you fixed up, figured out and making art AND money:

  • Clarity on YOUR vision for your life: Through discussion, meditation, and live trainings I'll help you figure out what's important to you so you are able to create goals and focus on what matters and how you want to go about making art, income and impact. Goodbye overwhelm!
  • Let's say it again: We're here to make money! Life involves making and spending money. Whether you're trying to buy a tiny house, take care of your family, rent a studio or travel the world, you're going to need some moolah. I'll help you create a pricing structure, decide when and how to raise prices, how to negotiate on projects and what to do so you're making, keeping, saving and spending in a way that benefits your whole life. Boom.
  • Endless possibilities: There is no one right way to do business, and I KNOW you don't want to be pushed into a box or strategy or routine that doesn't make you go HELL YEAH! Which is why I'm bringing you (via live interviews) a diverse and continuous stream of professional artists who have created their version of success, and are going to break it down and share their insights on how they did it, who helped, what worked, what sucked, and what they wish they knew when they were starting out. Listen, learn, ask questions, take away what you want to try and leave the rest. 
  • Experts fo' free: Ok it's not exactly for free, but it's a heck of a lot cheaper to sit in one place and let me bring in experts from the marketing, branding, PR, gallery, commercial, fine art, financial and legal worlds and let you hear what they have to say and be able to ask your questions without paying a crazy hourly fee. (Looking at you lawyers!) 
  • 2 Heads are better than 1: We'll have virtual work together days to be super productive, while meeting others who work from home/studio just like you. Get feedback, resources, motivation and comfort knowing you're not alone in this, even if it's just you and the cat in your room.
  • Biz Buddies: Want that go-to person who will ask you what you did this week, how your shoots went, did you do your taxes? Get matched up with another artist who wants peer support and someone to hold them accountable. 

The beauty of the Artists Circle is that unlike other courses and workshops, in ours you always have someone to answer your questions and find out how to apply things to YOUR biz, and it never ends! With the on-going membership and continuous support you're never left feeling lost or unsure of how to use the information you're getting, and can release the guilt of not finishing in a certain timeline- it's a ongoing journey that we're all in together! 

Working with Sonya in The Successful Artists Circle has been fabulous for my growth as a freelance artist, teaching artist, and arts admin consultant. I love the way she puts equal value on mindset work as well as the raw, practical, essential information about building your own business! She is not only a coach - she is an in-depth resource-rich contributor to the field - we are indebted! I highly recommend The Successful Artists Circle to all of you looking to work in what you do best in the world. Also, the talent and experience that she mines from others is just super unique and hard to find: within a couple months we have had the privilege of talking with women in finance, gallery ownership, marketing, and self employed artist - she is creating a circle of supportive and info-sharing Creatives, not just going it alone. So powerful!
— Martha O. - Artist, Teacher, Consultant

So, Are you ready to change your life?

There's something a bit magical that happens when you decide you're ready to really go for it. There's a shift, a spark, and it only becomes a full blown "wow look at that fire go" situation if you accept it, feed it, and allow it to transform you. The Artists Circle is here to feed your fire, to help you transform your life from the inside out. We're taking that hit of inspiration you had to start this and running with it!

Experience the joy & relief of feeding your biz what it needs, so it can feed you. (3).jpg

Your life won't look the same after this. It will look, and feel, a whole lot better!

I'm not just saying that, I'm telling you what I know from experience. When I dove into mindset work {examining your thoughts and changing them from negative to positive} my life changed for the better in every aspect. And yours can too. I incorporate mindset work into everything I do with clients because it's the secret sauce to success. We'll do the inner work, which will impact everything in your outer world. More joy, more abundance, more trust in yourself, more intuition, more confidence, more courage, and more love. Oh yeah, and more sales! Pretty much all the best stuff. 

What I love about Sonya is that she brings a holistic, genuine, down to earth and exciting emotion to revamping your business to suit YOU. You really can’t find that anywhere else. I have taken workshops, classes, etc and none really felt like they were trying to help me as an individual and I couldn’t connect to what I was learning. Having one on one time with Sonya as well as having the the Successful Artists Circle to bounce ideas off of, as well learning directly from industry experts through the membership has been so helpful. I have seen a steady increase in my income, my whole mentality towards my business has been so much more positive and fun and most importantly I feel in control of my life and my business as a whole entity and not as separate things. Very grateful!
— Feda E. - Photographer

It's time you say yes to you and your dreams.

And since I'm in total support of artists & entrepreneurs using their money smartly, this membership is designed to help you make way more money than you invest. (And it's guaranteed to give you better results than that fancy lens you've been eyeing!) 

Join me & a supportive community, to become the successful creative entrepreneur you want to be!

This is the perfect place for you if you're a creative who...

If you're a creative tripped up by the "business" stuff, or you're gathering up the courage to start your  business, this is for YOU. And if you know your mindset needs an upgrade this is definitely for you!

You know how to make art, and working on your craft is the part that will come easily as you evolve. What I'm giving you is help with everything else that goes into an art business- because honestly the creating part is only one piece of a successful career, as you'll come to learn. And it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what you need, what tools, resources, and platforms to trust and use, how to actually get clients and customers, how to raise prices and not lose all your customers, and how to have a fully functional business that gives you the FREEDOM to have a fully functional, and enjoyable(!), life. 

The Details:

  • On-going monthly membership
  • Access to live trainings on business and mindset topics each month. (All recordings available too.)
  • Access to live interviews with pro artists and business experts who help creatives flourish. (All recordings available too.)
  • A go-to support community of creatives just like you! 
  • Access to me for questions/resources/input on all things art & biz.
  • A transformational "real world" education experience to become the creative biz owner you want to be.
  • Access to my Artist's Tool Box (See below!)

So if you're ready to do things differently, see positive changes in your life, and thrive fully as the best possible version of yourself, here's your chance!

Got questions? Reach out and I'll personally get back to you or we can book a free consult call to discuss you and your business and whether this is right for you.

Peace, love & pixels,

Sonya Highfield ~ Founder & Chief Creative