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Our mindset experience starts Nov.6th and I want you to commit now to seeing the week through. It's easy to ignore emails, not do the exercises and not add your voice to the group discussions...but you didn't sign up for this to keep living your life the same way. This is about transformation! Every day, little changes, big shifts, this is about setting yourself up for success in a new way. 

I know YOU can do it! And really, this week won't take much more than some solid thinking, a bit of journaling, and desire to improve your life through mindset work. 

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                                 Can't wait to work together! 

                                 Can't wait to work together! 

Craving a community of artists who GET you? Wishing you had a place to get business help that doesn't break the bank? Want exclusive opportunities to talk with professional artists and ask them questions about how they did it??

Then you need to join The Successful Artists Circle! The best online community for visual artists who want a well rounded, holistic approach to running a successful art business. Jump over here to see a full description and learn how this ongoing supportive, educational, inspirational membership will be your new favorite place on the internet. 

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