Mindful Artists Program


The Mindful Artists Program is a 4 month business & mindset journey for women artists looking to transform, up-level and connect at a deeper level with themselves while successfully moving their businesses forward.

"When artists are able to share their gifts confidently, profit from their passions and contribute to their communities, the whole world is positively impacted." 


1-1 Sessions

A 1 hour private call each month to work on your business goals and any mindset blocks you find yourself getting stuck behind. Calls are crafted to each individual and focus on areas you'd most like support and guidance with. 

Group Calls & Support

Group calls will cover 1 unique mindset focus and 1 business topic each month, which are designed to work together to help artists secure their business models and break through mindset issues that hold artists back. 

Create the security you desire in your art business while crafting an inner confidence and system for positive thought and momentum!

What's Included With the Mindful Artists Program:

  • Four 60 minute 1-1 calls
  • Four group mastermind calls + 1 introduction call to kick off
  • 4 months of membership in The Successful Artists Circle ($396 value)
  • DIY course Financial Love for Artists ($199 value)
  • Early bird bonus if you say yes before 11/22/17 : Artist Website Review ($249 value)

Beta Program Special: $1297 (Payment options available!)


Working with Sonya


I honor each and every artist that comes to work with me as I know how much courage it takes to say, "I want to do better" and "I need some guidance" or "I'm so ready for this career but I'm just not sure exactly what to do". The moment I admitted that in my own life was the moment the right mentors and teachers came in, and the experience of a supportive community came alive. And so if now is your moment, you're in the right place - I'd love to guide you to the best version of your creative life!

“What I love about Sonya is that she brings a holistic, genuine, down to earth and exciting emotion to revamping your art business to suit YOU. You really can’t find that anywhere else. I have taken workshops, classes, etc. and none really felt like they were trying to help me as an individual and I couldn’t connect to what I was learning. Having one on one time with Sonya as well as having the Successful Artists Circle to bounce ideas off of, and learning directly from industry experts through the membership has been so helpful. I have seen a steady increase in my income, my whole mentality towards my business has been so much more positive and fun, and most importantly I feel in control of my life and my business as a whole entity and not as separate things. Very grateful!”
— Feda Eid, Photographer

Program Outline

-Welcome group call first week of December for introductions, schedule and goal setting.

Month 1

  • Group Call: [Mindset focus: Fear of visibility] & [Business focus: Choose 1 platform to commit to for consistent potential client & brand awareness visibility.]
  • Individual 1 hour calls to strategize and dive deeper into artist's goals.

Month 2

  • Group Call: [Mindset focus: Intentions & self sabotage] & [Business focus: Goal break down action plan.]
  • Individual 1 hour calls to strategize and dive deeper into artist's goals.

Month 3

  • Group Call: [Mindset focus: Self worth & money] & [Business focus: Income streams and prices update.]
  • Individual 1 hour calls to strategize and dive deeper into artist's goals.

Month 4

  • Group Call: [Mindset focus: Defining success & failure] & [Business focus: Analyzing efforts and outcomes and learning to pivot.]
  • Individual 1 hour calls to strategize and dive deeper into artist's goals.

*Calls will be held via Zoom video conferencing platform and replays will be available for each session. Individual calls can focus around whatever the individual artist chooses and may go well beyond what's discussed in the group calls.