Financial Love

Redefine your money story, master your mindset, create prices to profit & your finesse your finances!

*Next round starts October 2018!*


This course is uniquely made for creative women like you! Even though we focus on money, you will learn techniques and build confidence in a way that will positively effect many aspects of your life..jpg


The World Needs You and Your Work. Invest in Yourself and Your Mission. 


 In the course we'll dig deep to uncover negative patterns that are holding you and your biz back financially, find tools and systems that work best for you, and heal money stories so your business can flourish! 


You'll also get: 

  • A system for creating your ideal prices, confidence in charging for them, and a system to know how & when to raise them!
  • A happier relationship with money so you see it as a positive energy tool that feels empowering.
  • A mindset practice that will serve you on a daily basis for creating your dream creative career (and life!).
  • Organizational help- tools & resource suggestions to customize your biz systems.
  • Clarity on what money professionals to use when & how to leverage their knowledge for your business- without spending tons! Plus free resources.
  • Fearless taxes- take away the intimidation and feel empowered with knowledge of when to pay, what you can expense, and how to find a tax professional that will boost your business!

PLUS: A private community for women going through the course and 3 groups calls to discuss modules and get coaching! And this course will hold you accountable by offering prizes to boost your money & biz just for participating. 

Is this a heck yes for you?!

4 Month Payment Plan: $95/month

“The bonus call I had with Sonya as part of her Financial Love course was incredible. Truly, that one hour changed the trajectory of my business! Sonya was able to get to the heart of my fears around pricing, and gently but firmly help me move through my own objections to raising my rates. Only a couple weeks later I signed on a 1:1 client at my new, higher pricing! I highly recommend Sonya as a Money Mindset Coach and Intuitive Business Consultant.”
— Flora, Spiritual Life & Business Coach
This course is uniquely made for creative women like you! Even though we focus on money, you will learn techniques and build confidence in a way that will positively effect many aspects of your life. (3).jpg


Is Financial Love for You?

If you get anxious looking at your bank account, you're stressed about money all the time, you can't seem to make or save more than the bare minimum and you're SO frustrated (and ashamed) of feeling this way...Then you NEED this course! Whether you're just starting your entrepreneurial path or you've been in a biz for a few years, if you're a creative women with a desire to get financially organized and find an abundant, secure and peaceful relationship to money you will benefit from this program. 


If you want support, community, & coaching around money & mindset in a cozy, safe, honest, heart driven, spiritually inclined atmosphere this is for you! Financial Love will give you a combination of powerful mindset work, easy to use tools and resources so that you're able to take the reigns and feel in control, empowered and excited about your biz in a way that you never have before!


Let me show you the better side of creative living by taking charge of your mindset and money! 


The Details

Financial Love is a 6 week online course for creative women in business. (You might be an artist, healer, shop owner, coach, or multi-passionate entrepreneur!) 

Each week you'll receive a short video module and some homework, as well as helpful worksheets, meditations & resources to give you support with organization and energy processing. 3 group calls will help you to set goals, get extra coaching, stay on track and connect with the community along the way.

Modules Include:

1. Discovering & Redefining Your Money Story

2. Pricing to THRIVE

3. How to Make Your Bank Account Your BFF

4. Taxes for Creatives

5. Easy Organizing Tools & How to Work with Money Professionals to Grow Your Biz Quicker

6. How to Communicate about Money with Love


The community group will be there for you throughout the 6 weeks to ensure all your questions get answered, you're fully supported (and accountable) on this journey! You'll get extra guidance and access to Sonya on the 3 groups calls.


Know you're ready for a deeper level of support?

Let's fully nourish your biz with the coaching & course combo! 


Coaching + Course Combo: A powerful option for those interested in personalized intuitive business and mindset coaching to supplement the course and bring your business to the next level.

*Spots are limited and the 6 weeks must be used consecutively starting in July or October.*

By combining the 1 on 1 work and course you'll save $175! Sign up here.


Words of Love for Financial Love


"Sonya was such a great teacher! Working with her helped me to grow myself as a business person. I feel more confident charging clients the money I need and deserve, to live the life that I want. I have seen growth in my business since, and know that I have her to thank for some of that progress. It was great to work with a successful artist who helps reverse the starving artist stereotype. I feel more inclined to deal with the many things I was putting off or didn't even know I should have in place!"

-Elissa, Chalk Board Artist & Illustrator


"Financial Love course was a great way to explore my money mindset, my beliefs around my money, my money goals and what things were blocking me from moving forward. The modules were thorough and the 1:1 coaching call really complimented the work I was doing both in the course and personally. Thanks for such a great program! I would recommend this to anyone running a business and looking for support around money and mindset."

-Kristy, Strength Trainer & Nutrition Coach


"This course is an amazing tool for your business, whether you're starting from scratch or just need to sort out the legal/financial stuff, this will give you the support, knowledge, resources, and accountability you need to be successful! I would absolutely recommend this to other creative women!"

-Heather, Photographer & Doula


"A thank you to Sonya- I really appreciate you sharing this class with me and opening my mind a bit more. It exceeded my expectations! You can research just about anything online, but when is the last time you read an article about anything to do with business and didn't have a question or several questions afterwards? This course gives you real information and resources while connecting you to a community where you can have an open dialogue. It was the push I really needed to get myself going!"

-Stephanie, Landscape & Family Photographer

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About Sonya:

I'm a photographer turned intuitive business & mindset coach, working with artists, creative entrepreneurs and soulful small biz owners to help you create the life you want doing the work you LOVE!

I take a holistic approach to biz coaching which is why mindset work is included in everything I do. I know it's possible to create a successful living from your creative work (did so with my commercial photo biz), and I am passionate about helping other talented folks to do it too! You can now find me speaking around the country as well as on podcasts about money mindset, my favorite topic.

Money was one of my biggest challenges and when I was introduced to mindset work and was able to understand my own money story, it was a serious game changer in my life and business! I created Financial Love because I know money and business can be reaalllly intimidating for many of us, but the more we know and the cozier we get with money, the more we can positively run our own lives and help others. And no, it doesn't have to mean a ton of spreadsheets!! :)