Fierce female artist mastermind


How would it feel to know you had a sisterhood of

like-minded, supportive women behind you?

To make decisions...

Take risks...

Break the rules...

Change the world...

And get KNOWN for your art?!

(Pretty freakin' amazing.) 



Fierce- because you may not have always identified yourself this way, but now you KNOW you are a powerful force in your own life.

You’ve been taking your time, building and learning, helping and achieving. And now it’s time for YOU to own your gifts and curate the wealth that they can bring you.

You DESERVE to craft your ideal life. You want to make smart decisions and feel empowered that your choices that will serve you long term. And you need the right guidance to do so.

You no longer are satisfied to do “good enough”. You no longer desire to go it alone. You no longer stand to receive less than you are worth.

You are FIERCE. You are ready.

You want to focus just on the things you love, and are truly a genius at. You want to charge your dream prices. And you want to feel confident and secure with where your money is going and how it's providing for your future. You want to LOVE your life completely.

Let's Make it happen!

We know two heads are better than one, so why not get 5?

What if you had 5 other creative, smart, and fiercely motivated female artists working on your business with you in a mastermind format? Think how AMAZING you would feel having a trusted group of creatives going through the same things you are, helping one another step-up, stay accountable, try new strategies and push your creativity!


You've been getting help with your art biz along the way, but has it been the right help?


If you're like most artists you've probably bought guides, planners and programs promising to give you the perfect system for creating focus, making money, hitting your goals and finding success... But you never followed through, finished them or implemented things fully. (Don't be ashamed, we've ALL done it!) And it's almost impossible to figure out how to find the success you've been dreaming of on your own. 

Following someone else's plan is never the answer.

You need more than directions. You need conversation, you need accountability and you need personalized advice. You want to work with purpose and passion in a way that best suits YOU.

(And that's what you get with this mastermind!)

 You control what is covered, and we give you EXACTLY what you need for your art career. 

Who you are

If you're a visual artist with:

  •  big dreams
  •  business on the brain
  • and a fierce desire for the most successful creative life possible

Then I'm talking to YOU!

If you have: 

  • had your business for 3+ years
  • have found your niche
  • created a client base
  • established your income goals
  • and know you're ready for MORE

Then this program is for YOU!

I know you're motivated. You want to hit the next level of success (and joy!), but haven't quite figured out how to get there, or have found your negative mindset monsters trying to stop you.

Here's How We'll Get You Where You Want to Be

You deserve what you desire.jpg

Over the next 6 months, through a blend of deep discussions, group brainstorms, and focused action we'll support your specific goals.  

In order to craft your dream business and lifestyle we'll work on:

  • Confidence selling your work & services at your premium prices.
  • Clarity around your ideas and business plan.
  • Building wealth that supports your future.
  • How to best utilize your time and delegate where needed.
  • Eliminating low-priced projects and clients that don't light you up.

I'll be providing business coaching from a holistic perspective which will give you:

  • Insight as to how your inner world directly effects your business & fun techniques to examine that.
  • Strategies that you can actually stick to!  
  • Resources specific to your niche and needs.
  • Mindset empowerment so you find joy, gratitude and abundance in your life & biz!
  • Steps to overcome any mental blocks that have been holding you back.

I'm here to take a stand for your dreams. And combining professional and personal development is the BEST way to build a business that fuels your life. 

Your Kind of Business Coach

I'm Sonya- a business coach just for artists! My passion and super power is helping visual artists combine business savvy with mindset work for long term creative success. As a photographer I know the struggles and joy of running an art business, and have found that the best ways to boost your biz & love your life are to have: a supportive tribe of people who GET you, the right resources specific to artists, and a business coach who helps propel you towards your dreams!

And a mastermind is the perfect place to get all three. 

If you're committed to finding success making art, creating a life you're proud of, and helping others along the way- let's work together!

The Investment

Your investment for the Fierce Female Artist Mastermind will only be $350/month.

What's Included:

  • A 6 month mastermind to fiercely accelerate your business 
  • The group will virtually meet once a month for 90 mins 
  • Private Facebook group to connect in daily with fellow fierce females  
  • 1 hour of one-to-one biz coaching support from Sonya each month

As a *bonus* you'll get access to the videos from my Financial Love for Artists program (worth $497!) and other goodies along the way! 

Want to join?!

Apply below and we'll take it from there! 

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