Create Your Success Series

1-1 Business & Mindset Coaching for Artists Motivated to Make Art and Money!

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Hey artist-

Pull up a cushion and get comfortable, because we're about to go deep and change your life. 

What does it take? What does it take to find success? What does it take to "make it" as an artist these days? What does your version of success even look like?

I'm here to help you answer those questions, plus a whole slew of others you didn't even know you needed to ask yourself, but will be amazed what answers you come up with once we tap into your intuition and combine it with some business savvy. If you dream of doing big things, read on!

Let's be artists who eat! But how?

You want to live a life you're PROUD of. You deserve to have a career that lights you up. You deserve to live a life of joy, ease, flow, and freedom.

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If you're feeling:

  • overwhelmed
  • stressed
  • lost
  • frustrated
  • generally lacking in the kind of income, clients and lifestyle you TRULY want to have and
  • feel ready to change things

I HEAR YA! And it can be a devastating place to be. I've been there and have taken the journey to expand and better my personal and professional life through self and business development. (Here's the long version of my artist story, how I went from no clue what to do with my photography to successfully running an art biz!) And now I take what I've learned to help other artists.

Since starting my commercial and fine art photography business in 2012 I've been honored to work with MIT, JP Morgan, Iron Mountain, Taj Hotels, Langham Hotels, Harvard University, countless New England businesses and individuals, and my work has been shown in an international art fair in NYC, published on,, Boston Globe, WestJet Magazine, Zagat and more.

Then, in 2015 I was called to start a second business- one to help artists navigate the real world and business side of being a working artist- and *poof* Real World Creatives came to life. 

It's been my mission ever since to teach what I've learned, guide artists to find their own style of doing business, and work their minds to boost their confidence and their income!

So what might you accomplish and impact the world with once you have the right support and tools to do so? Whether you want to make money to travel, rent a studio, help others, or provide for your family, I believe you can do so from your art and I'm willing to take a stand so you can get there!

Some of the amazing experiences clients have had while we've worked together include:

  • Selling fine art at their ideal prices
  • Securing new clients with simple strategies 
  • Raising their prices to fit their needs
  • Retaining clients at higher prices
  • Adding new services and packages that their clients LOVE
  • Increasing productivity by defining goals and taking intentional action steps
  • Handling tough client situations with ease and grace
  • Creating and implementing contracts and policies
  • Attracting higher end clients
  • Revamping their websites so they look professional and speak to ideal clients
  • Expanding their mindset about what they're capable of and how art can pay for their ideal lifestyle!

Ready to begin your transformation and become the artist and business owner you know you're meant to be?

The Create Your Success Series is my 1-1 coaching program for artists motivated to change and better their lives. And I can't wait to help you do so!

What's Included:

  • 3 or 6 month options for working together.
  • Access to 90 mins a month for 1-1 sessions with me. (Can be broken up however you need!)
  • Unlimited email access for quick questions and feedback. 
  • Deep discussions that cover all your questions about how YOU can run a successful art biz that provides for your life.
  • Resources, tools and strategies for pricing, website design, marketing ideas, client workflow, financial savvy, suggestions for continuing artistic development, networking and sales help, and whatever else you feel you need support with!
  • Mindset work- a key component for all artists. Whether you're familiar with it or not we'll find what mind monsters may be holding you back from the life you desire. The practice of positive thinking can greatly impact your personal and business life- so we cover you for both! See what a strong mindset can do for you. 
  • Free access to The Successful Artists Circle membership community. (Starting Sept.'17)
  • A website review! (Worth $259) And a free gift of my e-book "Fire Up Your Creative Biz"!

Can you visualize your life with this kind of support? How fulfilling would it be to know someone was not only looking out for you & your business, but guiding you toward your biggest dream, truly hearing you, and celebrating you along your journey?


Your investment for your success is just $359/month!

join me and create your success!

Fill out the form below so we can schedule a call and discuss if this is right for you. I can't wait to hear your story. 

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