Boston Women artists mastermind!

Support. Accountability. Focus. Success.


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It's tough running a business alone. You can feel overwhelmed, frustrated and lost. The trick to running a business smoothly  and ending the struggle is having the right resources and support. The Boston Women Artists Mastermind group will give you exactly that! This intimate group will give you access to smart, creative women who will act as your sounding board, share resources and opportunities, and be your support community for all things art-business related. Get coaching, motivation, accountability and insight all in one place.


How it works:

  • 6 month mastermind- just for women!
  • Get more confident selling your art & services to YOUR ideal clients.
  • Set goals & create focus in your biz.
  • Learn to charge your dream prices!
  • Get organized and manage your time.
  • Private Facebook group for day-to-day support & inspiration.
  • Meet in-person once a month for a few hours of brilliant brainstorming, learning and coaching!
  • Get special access to one-on-one sessions with Sonya throughout the 6 months. 
  • Your investment just $125/month! 


Hi I'm Sonya-

 A business coach for artists and the founder of Real World Creatives. I'm dedicated to empowering creatives with the business savvy and powerful mindset techniques they need to THRIVE. I love mastermind groups because they allow participants to get help with their unique needs, gain insight & knowledge, and receive support from those passionate about what they do! 

As a photographer, I know the struggles artists face trying to figure out how to run a business successfully. I want to save artists from the hours (and years!) of research, mistakes and confusion when putting all the pieces together. This mastermind will provide layers of support and give you a safe space to ask all your questions and get the help you've been waiting for. 

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Let's make art & money together!

Apply by March 1st!

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