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Photo Credit: Dirty Water Photography

Photo Credit: Dirty Water Photography

The Successful Artists Circle : The best virtual membership community for visual artists to get support, sell your art and grow your business! Our circle brings you biz & mindset trainings every month, live interviews with professional artists and business experts, and ongoing coaching and support. Game changer! 

Create Your Success Series: 1-1 programs provide transformational business and mindset coaching to help you craft your ideal life. Get the tools and resources that are right for your business, then go deep to discover your money story, self sabotage style (and how to overcome it!), and the best ways to highlight your talents. Check it out to learn how this can enhance your whole life. 

Artist Website Reviews: Website reviews provide specific feedback and actions to take to improve your website's aesthetic, organization, copy, and ability to attract clients. No more guessing what to put on your About page or wondering why potential clients aren't clicking around and contacting you. Click through to see why artists love them!

Financial Love for Artists *Next class Fall 2017* : A unique online course to empower you with financial knowledge in a way artists can digest! Get clear and confident on how to charge your ideal prices, understand taxes and how to legally define your business, what financial pro's to use when and where to find them, and uncover your money mindset and how to strengthen and bring ease to your relationship with money. Get ready to love your bank account and have it love you back! 

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Fire Up Your Creative Biz E-book: A compact but information packed 6 chapters of real life experience and insight for creatives getting their businesses up and kickin'. 

DIY a Professional Artist Website Webinar: Learn the best bets for setting up and maintaining a website that looks professional, conveys the message of your work, and that you can update yourself based on an easy system that keeps things cohesive. 

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