6 Week Smash!

Creative ladies- if you're looking to take your business to the next level but keep telling yourself time, money, and clarity are holding you back from taking the next steps... You need to SMASH the excuses!

And I'm going to help you do so. Read on!

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The truth is everyone is busy, everyone has to balance their work/life time and we all can get lost.


But if you've been in career limbo, or are at income plateau or are stuck in fear and indecision and it's been more than a few weeks, you need help! 


Working through these blocks together will allow you to use your time more effectively, make decisions easily, and bring in a new level of abundance. 


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If you want: 

  • Clarity on your next steps
  • To feel good balancing work and family time
  • Positive money habits
  • Support doing the uncomfortable and new so you can get to a place of more alignment
  • A revamped schedule that allows for work, life & self care time
  • Help raising your prices and directing clients to new offers
  • Someone to ask the right questions to guide you to your best options for feel-good growth
  • To make more frickin money from doing what you love
  • Mindset breakthroughs so you can have the biz you want & enjoy it!

Then I invite you to join me on this 6 week biz & mindset journey!

Your investment is just $599. (Payment options available.)

Plan of Attack: 6 weeks to smash the excuses

1. One Hour initial goal setting call

2. 30 min calls each week after

3. Email or Voxer access to me in between

4. Smash the excuses and find success!


Coaching is personalized to each person and we'll focus on moving you toward your goals in a way that supports your lifestyle and unique energy. I take a holistic approach to my clients and honor each woman's individual timeline and coaching needs. Your complete commitment for the full 6 weeks is required for you to experience the maximum transformation. 



Lovely Words, Powerful Experiences

"Sonya is a powerhouse business and mindset coach!! Connecting with Sonya  will definitely help you grow your financial health both mentally and  numerically, and I am glad to have been able to learn from her!"


"Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, Sonya helps you employ the perspective you need for perseverance. She’s absolutely amazing."


"Sonya is a fabulous coach in every way. She provides practical, specific, straightforward advice and answers/information about business building, tailored to creatives when needed; and simultaneously has such a talent for deep listening and providing intuitive question-asking, probing to discuss and reach answers on a higher, more personal level."


"I can’t explain the value she has brought to my business and how she has helped me change my way of thinking when it comes to establishing my worth and communicating with my clients! Highly recommend working with her!"


"I have seen a steady increase in my income, my whole mentality towards my  business has been so much more positive and fun and most importantly I feel incontrol of my life and my business as a whole entity and not as separate things. Very grateful!" 



Want to chat with Sonya first? Head here to send a message and schedule a call.